by Dan Newman

The Palms Supper Club was once a reputed old fogey hangout, but they’ve since updated their look. Now it’s a great spot to have a good meal or get your drink on at the bar, and it’s a great place for lunch.

Once inside, you’ll see the grand piano. This is a beautiful necessity for a supper club, and if you’re good enough, they might even let you play it. The art on the walls is by local artists, and it’s for sale. Many  pieces had SOLD signs on them. The Palms likes it because they always have their walls decked out in modern art, artists like it because it’s a place to move their pieces.

The tables were simple but the centerpieces were baskets covered in gears, buttons and a wide assortment of trinkets, all stuck to it in acrylic or something. They complement the rest of the decor and you can’t take your eyes off them.

The waitress was friendly and quick with whatever we needed. We stayed there a while, and it was a relaxing experience … and the food!

The food was amazing, as my guest said in the video above. The waitress recommended the Palm Nuts for an appetizer, so I gave them a shot. They’re balls of mashed potatoes with bacon, cheese, jalapenos, and chives, breaded and fried. They’re served with an ancho pepper and ranch sauce. They had a satisfying crunch, and were a little dry but the sauce fixed that.

But the walleye cheeks my guest got were a true delight. Strong walleye flavor without even a hint of fishiness, fried in a light batter, moist flaky fish inside. This appetizer was served with a lemon cream sauce over sauteed asparagus and bell peppers, and was the standout of our meal.

My burger was cooked exactly the way I ordered it, draped with a slab of cheddar over crispy bacon and sauteed mushrooms. Served with lettuce, tomato and onion on a fresh white hamburger bun, this thing was unbelievable. It was a juicy mess, but that’s because I got it medium rare. It held together to the last bite and each ingredient stood out. This has to be one of my favorite burgers in town.

My friend ordered fish tacos. She said they were good with a pleasant level of spice, and the lightly battered fish gave them a nice texture. We both got the homemade potato chips for our side. They weren’t crispy like chips but they weren’t thick enough to be fries. My friend and I agreed they could be thinner and crispier, but they were still a good side to munch on.

Do I recommend The Palms Supper Club? In a word, yes! The meal was great, the jazz set the right mood, and we had whatever we needed for our entire stay. I have no complaints. Give The Palms a try, and get those walleye cheeks!

Check out my video review above to see the place, the food and to meet my mystery guest!

The Palms Supper Club, 5912 Bus. Hwy. 51, Weston is open daily at 11 a.m. and serves both lunch and dinner seven days a week. For more information, visit their website, follow The Palms on Facebook or call 715-259-2200