RHINELANDER — Former Weston Administrator Dan Guild has been offered a position as Rhinelander’s newest city leader, after a Monday night meeting.

Guild resigned in July, when Weston officials agreed to vacate his six-week suspension. Under the terms of Guild’s separation agreement, Weston paid Guild more than $93,000 upon his departure, which came five days after his return to office.

Six members of the Rhinelander City Council voted in favor of Guild Monday, according to a WJFW report. Two abstained, while Mayor Chris Frederickson cast the sole vote against Guild’s hire. Rhinelander has gone through a flurry of administrators in the past three years. The city’s last full-time hire, Kristina Aschenbrenner, was fired after one year.

Guild was one of three candidates for the job. If he signs his $95,000 annual contract, he will begin working next week.

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  1. i would still like to know what his offense was. Weston paid him to just leave. So did he do something wrong or did weston do something wrong? He takes the money then signs on for another 90k+ in rhinelander. Something seems off.

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