WAUSAU — Eighteen months after the publication’s launch, Wausau Pilot and Review is opening a public office in downtown Wausau.

The new office, located in the CitySquare Office Center, 500 Third St. Suite 208-8, will allow for better interaction between staff members and readers as well as providing a space for face-to-face meetings and discussions. Previously, all team members worked remotely.

The office will be regularly staffed by Editor and Publisher Shereen Siewert and newly appointed Advertising and Marketing Director Darren Siewert. Other team members will typically continue to work remotely, but will have the opportunity to attend in-person meetings and trainings when it is most beneficial.

Darren Siewert joined the staff as full partner on Sept. 5. He previously served on the organization’s board of directors and has a strong background in business management, sales and customer service.

“These changes are a result of the phenomenal growth we’ve seen since our launch last year,” Shereen Siewert said. “Having a physical office where we can interact with readers, advertisers, and members of our Pilot Patron program is something we see as the logical next step in scaling our business and serving the Wausau community.”

Beginning in October, members who sign up for a Pilot Patron membership will be invited to monthly meet and greet gatherings to meet with principal staff members and get a behind the scenes look at the reporting process.

The office space will also be used to train members of the Wausau Pilot and Review Documenters program, which will mobilize citizen journalists to report on school board meetings, committee meetings and other events. The program, funded in part by the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, aims to increase the role of reporting and storytelling in public discourse. Applications are currently being accepted and training will begin in October.

Wausau Pilot and Review is a nonprofit local, independent, online news publication. Since launching in March 2017, the organization has produced more than 4,500 stories that focus on community issues in the greater Wausau area.

For advertising inquiries, contact Darren Siewert at advertising@wausaupilotreview-newspack.newspackstaging.com. To purchase a tax deductible Pilot Patron membership, visit our membership and donation page. Readers interested in documenter training can apply online here. (If you’ve already applied, don’t worry – we’ll be reaching out to you later this week!)

For all other inquiries, contact Shereen Siewert at editor@wausaupilotreview-newspack.newspackstaging.com or call 715-298-0233.

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  1. Hmmm…..I think this is just an evil plot to keep a closer eye on Mr. Siewert. 😉
    Congrats Shereen!

  2. Congratulations, the reason for your growth is the great job you have been doing. Please keep it up..

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