EAU CLAIRE — Authorities have issued a statewide Green Alert as they search for a veteran missing from Eau Claire for nearly two weeks.

Nicholas Wagener was last seen at about 3 p.m. Sept. 5 in Eau Claire riding a bright green bicycle and carrying a large backpack, according to the alert. Similar to an Amber Alert, a Green Alert notifies the public if an at-risk veteran is missing. Wisconsin became the first state to have such a system earlier this year.

Wagener claimed he was going camping with his father but no family member or friend has been in contact with him since Sept. 5. Wagener has left without contacting anyone for long periods of time in the past, most recently living in the woods using his advanced outdoor skills to survive, authorities said.

Wagener made statements that are concerning for his mental health, but no overt statements of self-harm were made. If contacted, please check his welfare and notify the Eau Claire Police Department at 715-839-4972.