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By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — At least three undocumented immigrants in Wausau area have been detained in a weekend immigration sweep, Wausau Pilot and Review has confirmed.

Locally, detainees were taken into custody in Wausau, Abbotsford and Colby. An immigration rights group, Voces de la Frontera, says at least 12 people have been arrested by ICE in Wisconsin, including at least nine people in the Madison area.

Madison officials say ICE had detained six immigrants without prior communication with the police department. State Rep. Chris Taylor, of Madison, says it’s alarming for ICE to be in the community without communicating with local law enforcement.

In Marathon County, ICE notified the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department before conducting their operation, according to Sheriff Scott Parks.

“They do this so local law enforcement is aware of the operation to be conducted and to have local law enforcement in the area should they need assistance,” Parks wrote, in an email to Wausau Pilot and Review. “They do not have the radio channels in their respective vehicles so this is done as an officer safety reason.”

The department provides uniformed assistance to ICE and access to a secure garage for processing, Parks said.

After the detainees were processed they were turned over to Dodge County and held in the Dodge County Jail.

“Our participation is no different than any other assist law enforcement function that we provide to any other Federal, State, or outside of Marathon County agency attempting to arrest individuals wanted for illegal actions,” Parks said. “The ICE operation was a targeted enforcement seeking individuals known to be wanted by them.”

Wausau Pilot and Review has reached out to ICE for additional information and is seeking the names, ages, countries of origin and immigration status of all local detainees. This story will be updated as information is received.

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  1. alarming for ICE to be in the community without communicating with local law enforcement??? State Rep. Chris Taylor doesn’t speak for me and I welcome this and feel it makes our community safer.

    1. Right on Todd.

      Rep. Taylor is alarmed because he feel there will be 3 less democrat votes in WI this November.

      I also question the use in the article of the word “undocumented” immigrants. It was my understanding the they were actually illegal immigrants as they are in our country illegally. But I guess that PC has permeated into all forms of our media. Too bad.

      ICE should pay a visit to what used to be Abbotsford but is now known as Little Tijuana. They could get many buss loads out of thst place. However, that would almost shut down Abbyland Meats if they did.

      1. heck they can go to walmart or any of the mexican restaurants in town. I just saw the story a few months ago where the illegals were fleeing the milk farms because they were afraid of being found out (shame on those milk farmers).

        Finally we have someone looking out for the best interest of the voters. Mr trump is doing work.

    2. Right on Todd.

      The only reason that Rep. Taylor is alarmed is because he feels that there will be 3 less democrat votes come this Novermer’s mid-term election.

      If ICE wants to hit the mother lode on illegal immigrants thst should visit the city that was formally known as Abbotsford, but is now lovingly known as “Little Tijuana”. They could haul bus loads back to Ole Mexico out of thst place. But then again, thst would most likely put a local meat processor out of business.

      I am troubled by the use of “undocumented immigrants” in the article as I thought if you were illegally you were an illegal immigrant, not just undocumented. Seems like the PC culture has crept in to all forms of journalism.

      1. I’ve been told from unofficial sources that several people who were detained have already been released, but I don’t know that for sure. I have asked specifically for the immigration status of each person detained and will report that — including if they were indeed here illegally — when that information comes in from ICE.

      2. BTW Shereen…you do great work! I have only recently started reading but i can see you lay out the facts and don’t put a slant on it like the MSM. Its almost sicking how far left all media sources are. Down the middle would be great and then the readers can make up their mind. MSM is the actual collusion in this country. Misinformation everywhere!

      3. Todd, I do my best to stay as neutral as possible and just lay out the facts of each issue. I think that’s especially important when dealing with local issues. There are times when I’ve been contacted by someone who feels a statement or headline could have been worded in a more neutral way, and I always listen to that feedback. It’s important. Thanks for reading, Todd.

  2. “Until the late 19th century, there was very little federal regulation of immigration—there were virtually no laws to break.”


    Native Americans should have set immigration laws? Or immigration law is always set by Northern Europeans in the last territories (US, Canada, Australia)?

    I have a mix feelings on this. We should get more diversified migration and some with better IQ (not to offend anyone). The world is competitive place we need more “brain people” that will take initiatives on making things happen. The likes of Elton Musk instead of Government employees.

  3. “The department provides uniformed assistance to ICE and access to a secure garage for processing, Parks said.”
    A Sheriff is an ELECTED COUNTY official and is tasked with enforcing local laws. He is not in the chain of command of ICE, DEA, or any other agency and doesn’t have to do anything to assist the Feds in imposing a police state on our communities as part of his job responsibilities. What does the Sheriff’s Department get out of working for the Feds?

    1. So Jim, according to your “logic”, local law enforcement should NOT assist when requested by ICE, DEA or any other federal agency? So if the FBI asks for local law enforcement assistance in hunting down a murder or sexual assault suspect, they should just tell them to pound sand? Or perhaps your comments are because you’re simply another liberal in favor of allowing illegal aliens to overtake our local businesses and society? Before you come back and say that I’m some kind of “phobic” person, I’m not. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration. It’s the 20+ million in this country ILLEGALLY that I and every other sane person has a serious problem with.
      Lastly, what does the Sheriff’s Dept. get out of working with the Feds? Gosh, I don’t know…….maybe ENFORCING THE FREAKING LAWS OF OUR COUNTRY? Last time I checked, that’s the job of every law enforcement officer. Local, state or federal.

      1. We have state, county, and local governments, not just one in Washington, DC. Civics 101.
        The Sheriff is identified as the CLEO, or CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, of his/her county. As an elected official he/she is the ultimate protector of the people providing a check and balance locally for any state or federal agency that may infringe the constitutional rights of the people.
        As every sheriff takes an oath of office we are of the opinion that they are constitutional sheriffs. We believe that these honorable men and women are ready and willing to serve to the best of their ability and we want to build a relationship with them and support them.
        The sheriff is a citizen first. Elected by citizens (the people). And answers ONLY TO THE PEOPLE.
        According to the Constitutional Sheriffs. https://cspoa.org

    2. There you go jim…sherrifs dont belong to any of the federal agencies and does not have to assist them. That means…ICE will do it all by themselves. With or without the permission of the local government. What are they going to do arrest an ICE agent?

  4. So Mr. Maas, what EXACTLY is your point? Oh and by the way, the LAST thing I need from you is a freaking civics sermon. Spare me.

  5. This feels like a mistake as I start hahaha.
    Jim is the Libertarian leader here in Central Wisconsin, so he is advocating for his ideas. I think he explained it pretty well. I do not really agree, but Jim has been doing this for a long time, he did well explaining it.

    That being said, there is some question about the tactical decisions, and strategic decisions of ICE as a whole. They come into communities in a sort of wave or force that is historically interesting, and they do what they do, and then appear to move on. It seems like they show up, grab a bunch of folks, and leave. And if you do not get caught in the first net, you are fine. So, I question what they are doing. If all you have to do is hunker survive the tornado, eventually you learn that the tornado is not so scary. So, I am not sure if ICE is a deterrant or what.

    1. Dino, what would suggest as an alternative.

      It seems like you are saying thst if a local law enforcement department can’t ptevent all crime, you are not sure they are necessary.

    2. From the greeting ICE gets from local law enforcement (In far left states like cali, ny and chicago ) i cannot blame them for doing sweeps without giving notice. The mayor from oakland tipped off everyone saying ICE was doing raids..so hide! That is disgusting.

      As jim mentioned “As an elected official he/she is the ultimate protector of the people providing a check and balance locally for any state or federal agency that may infringe the constitutional rights of the people”.

      Have the courts determined in this country whether illegals have constitutional rights? If not why would we care. They broke the law by coming here and its also unfair to those that actually went through the right channels to get here.

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