MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Attorney General Brad Schimel says he fears sexual assault allegations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have become so politicized that victims won’t come forward any more.Schimel told reporters Thursday that the allegations against Kavanaugh have become a “political football.” He’s worried sex assault survivors won’t come forward because they’re afraid they’ll be caught up in a similar mix.

He adds he doesn’t envy anyone trying to determine the truth about the Kavanaugh allegations because it’s become such a political game.

Schimel signed a letter in July urging the U.S. Senate to confirm Kavanaugh. He said Thursday Kavanaugh is qualified to serve on the high court. He says Kavanaugh has served honorably as a federal appellate judge but the Senate faces a difficult challenge as it considers confirmation.

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  1. Holy male priviledge Batman. The fact that a woman came forward today, and is being forced to testify in front of a government tribunal that has publicly stated that they think she is a liar, that will chill people coming forward. Not her coming forward. But rather the rubicon she must cross prior to being believed. This isn’t a criminal trial, so there is not a presumption of innocence clause for the Judge. We are literally forcing a woman to testify in front of the world in order for her allegation to be believed. Screw you Schimmel, you who waited until Walker needed votes to complete rape kits from years ago. We should believe women.

    1. Forced to testify? She can thank Feinstein for that. She had the letter and somehow it was made public..then she was thrown into the spotlight..I’ve been listening to the hearing in the background at work and all I can say is wow. Her lawyers are working for free..her polygraph test that was done was paid for by her lawyers..funny thing is in the first half of the hearing she said I don’t know who paid for my test. My lawyers are working pro bono. What high priced dc lawyer does that? Oh ones with an ex to grind. Since it’s not a legal hearing they have no way to make money..And who recommended these layers? Oh Feinsteins staff. These lawyers are so toxic even Tammy Baldwin had to separate herself from them at a fundraiser they were having a couple weeks ago. Baldwin knows it would ruin her chances this November..

      1. Yes Todd, she was forced to testify. She was not going to be believed by anyone until she did. It was not enough that she submitted testimony, wrote in a newspaper, she needed to parade herself in front of the cameras and have the President call her story not credible (code for liar), the white men on the committee have been incredibly insulting. Your concept of what the attorney do is based in your own personal bias. I have worked with plenty of attorney who believe in the causes they are working on, and do so for free.

        What if this was a woman you knew? What signal are we sending young girls that in order to believed they must destroy their lives? This woman, like Anita Hill, or Juanita Broderick, or Paula Jones, or Monica Lewinsky, are never going to be the same after their allegations, and they know it. This woman is brave.

        We must believe women.

    2. To make it more accurate to what most women would go through, she is receiving death threats Most women wont go through a Senate hearing but, all could potentially get threats for coming forward

  2. progressives favorite past time is virtue signaling…and this old white men comment i see from far leftists is getting out of are pretty racist and sexist dont you think? they had this letter months ago and the fbi could have looked into it. seems odd to bring it up now. look for the video with joe biden at the clarence thomas hearing years ago where he said the FBI documents don’t mean anything becuaes they dont make conclusions

    1. Todd are they not old white men and members of what today passes for the Republican Party and does a charge deserve an investigation, why is the recommendation of the American Bar Association being ignore and the massive protest at Yale against Kavanaugh and why was he more thoroughly vetted.
      What happens when the majority part looses it’s view morality and is willing to eschew an investigation.
      It is only a life time appointment and certainly a couple of days to get to the truth

  3. I do not think I am virtue signaling at all. Are you sure you are defining that correctly? Schimmel is an old white guy, who is being politically correct now?

    If you want to comment on what I said, comment on what I said. Of course Joe Biden did badly, so did all the others.

    I do not know anything about the FBI having a letter. What I know is what Grassley did today, and how stupid Schimmel is for what he said. The idea that a woman providing a strong example to women by coming forward is somehow going to be a deterrant for women in coming forward is half a quote. What he failed to mention is that women who come forward, and are treated like this person, are a detriment to women coming forward.

    By omiting this, he is not culpable.

    1. Oh for crying out freaking loud…. I have ZERO…ZIP…NADA problem with ANY woman coming forward if she was sexually assaulted. However, can you or ANYONE show any of us ONE FREAKING OUNCE of credible evidence regarding this entire shat show? ONE OUNCE. ANYONE can make a freaking accusation from 36 years ago and have ZERO evidence or ANY kind of proof. It means NOTHING, except liberals wetting themselves about the possibility of derailing a Supreme Court nomination and more disgustingly, COMPLETELY ruining the life and career of a man with a track record longer than ANY of us of being a completely upstanding individual. NOBODY made this woman make an accusation she can’t back up with ANY kind of proof. You can virtue-signal all you freaking want, but again, show me ONE bit of credible EVIDENCE. Spare me the crocodile tears about how how she’s been treated. She’s been fawned upon more than ANY person I’ve ever seen in my entire life. So screw your stupid “male privilege” and the horse you rode it in on. This has NOTHING to do with anything of the sort. It’s about a COMPLETELY BASELESS allegation with ZERO proof or evidence. It’s a sham of epic proportions.
      We must believe ANYONE who has PROOF AND EVIDENCE…..male or female. Women do NOT have that monopoly, no matter what kind of weird world you live in.

      1. When someone you know is sexually assaulted, what evidence would be good enough? You should let women know.

        While you are at it, you should let the women who accused Cosby, or the children assaulted by Catholic Priests.

        Seriously, what evidence would you find compelling?

      2. Dino..actual evidence lol. What’s the difference between this and all other names I brought up? They had stacks of evidence in a court of law against them. Kav has zero evidence brought upon him. Fbi won’t touch it. Maybe she should have went to the state it happened in if she wanted justice. And then bring more than hearsay. All I heard from Ford was my friends are all with what? Who’s house were you at? Her good friend was with her but she ran out of the house to hide. Did her friend say oh that seems normal. It’s crazy cause the lefities in the senate day..this isn’t a court of law! We don’t need evidence! Wha??!

  4. Feinstein and dems dragged her through the mud…which is why he said less women will come out in the future. The original letter was not supposed to see the light of day but dems wanted to make this political and sure enough they did. Thrusting this lady into the spotlight..sounds reasonable to me.

    Virtue signaling as in they don’t bring up keith ellison, or bill clinton, or franken. They didn’t ask for the FBI to look into ellison or franken. or in cory bookers book saying he touched women without their consent. He said it in his book! Yet he is an advocate for women all of sudden. Leaving all of those facts out means you and those senators are virtue signaling.

    1. Sure, lets bring up Keith Ellison, or Bill Clinton. That is fine. We can talk about them all you like. More than willing to.

      But, the article was about the allegations against Kavanaugh. So, that is the news of the day.

      I think the way Hillary and the people around the Clintons spoke about the women who came forward and made allegations against Bill, I think that was shitty and terrible. Women like Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, those lives were destroyed by the process, and by what happened to them. I assume their lives have never been the same.

      Al Franken resigned from the Senate because of his allegations.
      Keith Ellison is facing his charges now.

      I did not, nor will I, read Corey Bookers book.

      But, I am more than willing to talk about all of these things.

      The definition of virtue signaling is, “the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.” I am pretty sure I did not do that.

  5. FYI either the GOP who controls the Senate and the Committee or the President could have called for the FBI to investigate in more depth and turn the evidence over to the Justice Department for evaluatio.

    Lava naught was upset and greatly incovience by this group of women stepping forward… but if they are telling the truth, which makes more sense considering the information about other details present about Kavanaug.

    We need all she papers to review and the FBI and other agencies to do their job.

  6. Oh and I’m going to catch heat for this..but what happened with the Roy Moore accuser? Notice how that story and all charges that woman brought up vanished? Or was that hearsay again with zero evidence. Just trying to make sure he loses in the court of public opinion

  7. Todd, in regards to evidence or presumption of innocence, in regards to today, none is needed. This is not a court of law, it is a Senate hear. To respond to your bit, what evidence did any of the accusers of Bill Clinton have, besides the dress from Lewinsky. Anything?

    She is not bringing hearsay. The definition of hearsay is “information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.” She is not quoting someone else. When the Senators quote from a letter written, that is hearsay. It is hearsay until they can corroborate it.

    Serious question though, what is an example of evidence that you would find adequate?

    In regards to Roy Moore, there were several women who came forward with allegations. I know several of them filed lawsuits against Judge Moore for defamation. And he, being classy, countersued.

    Seriously though, what evidence do women need to be believed in sexual assault allegations?

    1. “Seriously though, what evidence do women need to be believed in sexual assault allegations?”

      Umm…….how about ANY?

      1. A team of investigators talk to the victim, suspect, witnesses and do their job, then the attorney general or district attorney decide wheather to file charges…

      2. No Call, be specific. Does she need scars, bruises, photos? Does she need to get pregnant? tearing of her cervix? If she is a young girl, the breaking of the hymen? If the violation was anal, does it need to bleed or prolapse the anus? scars or breaks in the labia?

        What specifically does it means that she needs evidence?

    2. Actual Ellison’s ex with her medical report showing the abuse..not some polygraph test her lawyers paid for 36 years later. Which means nothing . Or bill Cosby actually drugging people. Multiple people. Or Al Franken touching someone when they out cold in a photo… Corey Booker admitting he has assaulted women himself in the past but saying oh I’ve changed I’m sorry and now I’m going to crucify kav..

      1. So, Ellison has a medical report, but not a video tape? So, how do we know that Keith did it? This can apply to all accusation, how do we know that the accused has committed the violence? Did anyone see Bill Cosby drug any women? Or did they just say he did? Did anyone have a drug test to confirm they were drug, or maybe they just are misremembering?

        It feels like the dress from Lewinsky is an actual slam dunk piece of evidence. It is Bill’s DNA, from semen, on an article of clothing, near where oral sex would be performed.

        But, the point is this, when you create an arbitrary standard for women to jump through, in a crime with no witnesses, you are demeaning them, and creating second class citizens, they become less than men. They must prove a violation against them. A violation that is not proven in the cases of the Priests, in the case of Cosby, or the Duke LaCrosse team, or Tawana Brawley.

        But, if instead you create a space for girls and women to be believed, whether it be the police, a hospital, or a public hearing, you empower young girls for this shit to not be a secret curse. They can come forward, and claim their pain and name it. This helps all of us in the long run.

  8. But to get back to the AG, this is about as classless and hypocritical as one can be. This is the office of the man who oversaw a backlog of rape kits in this state, that prevented prosecution and prevented conviction, and left women at risk. He completed that backlog just in time for Governor Walker to run for another term. In a transparently political act, so Walker would not have to answer for this. For him to now come forward and try to get us to believe he is interest in standing up for women and girls, is insulting.

  9. Listen to these statements and tell me that an investigation isn’t needed. The law should not be a political football and without a definitive investigation… we have justice. What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep is not defense for misconduct… too many witnesses not interviewed and too much information ignored…

  10. “No Call, be specific. Does she need scars, bruises, photos? Does she need to get pregnant? tearing of her cervix? If she is a young girl, the breaking of the hymen? If the violation was anal, does it need to bleed or prolapse the anus? scars or breaks in the labia?

    What specifically does it means that she needs evidence?”

    Since I can’t respond directly to your post, it’s quoted above:

    YES……..THIRTY SIX years ago, IF there were scars, bruises (and all of the other OVER THE TOP crap you typed that I won’t bother to repeat) that would most definitely qualify as raw evidence and hell yes…proof. However, let’s be VERY clear about one thing. She never has claimed that he raped her. I believe the description she gave was basically he was laying on top of her and “felt her up” with her clothing on. Therefore, your over the top gynecological descriptions that someone like Corey Booker would use (congrats on that) are just plain STUPID.
    Evidence would also be someone……..ANYONE corroborating her story. NO ONE has done that. The three other people who she says were there and/or witnessed it categorically deny it happened. Hey, feel free to keep flapping your gums about someone making a 36 yr old accusation with ZERO proof. I’m done wasting my time in what I realize is nothing more than a feeble attempt to shove ANY kind of common sense or logic into your cranium.
    Good day.

    1. The professional organization is calling for an FBI investigation, Mitchell says a professional team as investigative techniques, Kavanaugh says he believes Dr. Ford and that it wasn’t him, none of the other witnesses have been interviewed and other charges have be made… women coming forward and standing strong and they deserve an investigation and we need the truth and the investigation

  11. I mean, yeah, lets keep this line of thought going. I mean, you are not creating any sort of standard, you just want SOME evidence. I mean, in this case if Mark Judge had come forward, would that be okay? I mean there are several other women who came forward, does that not count?

    So lets again, take a step back to your idea of standard. What about Sandusky, he is in prison. In most cases, most he was convicted of, there are no witnesses. Sandusky performed oral sex on young men. What evidence can be offered then? Seriously, those assaults came YEARS in the passed, and those young men were believed, and Sandusky was decried as a predator. Is there a standard of evidence in cases where a man performs oral sex on a boy?

    Because what you are getting at seems to be that there is a statute of limitations on when a person (in this case a woman) is believable, and you are arbitrarily saying you get to decide. The courts have ruled differently.

    As far as my descriptions, it is important to name what we are talking about. They are hardly over the top, one should not shy away from talking about the human anatomy, especially when you assume the mantel of arbiter. And you can’t. You cannot say anything other than time and witnesses is your credibility test. Lots of women and men are raped in private, lots of children are sexually assaulted in private. By your test, that is enough to make their story invalid. That is a scary place to put victims.

    In regards to the Kavanaugh hearings, it is not a court of law, so you do not have sworn testimony from anyone other than the Doctor and the Judge. So there are not others who said this did not happen. Because if all news is fake news, we need to apply that standard equally. Just because it is reported, does not make it true.

    Unless of course the test for fake news is anything that supports your narrative is true, and anything that opposes it is fake? Right?

  12. I mean, if it is about time, Steve Reinboldt waited at least 8 years before he told his sister that Dennis Hastert assaulted him. Then he died, and never gave a statement, never submitted to an exam of any kind. Yet, the work of his sister (by the way the definition of hearsay) was compelling enough to create an awareness. There were at least 4 victims of assault, none of whom testified under oath, and all the records are sealed, so you have no idea if they offered any evidence. He was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in prison. What evidence can a dead man bring? What standard are you setting? I mean, a dead guy, clearly no crime was committed there. Right?

    1. That’s it Dino you convinced me.. the judge is 100 percent guilty and Ford is telling the the truth. No proof needed. Let’s stone him in public. I am going to tell the local police you are running a meth ring should we get proof or just take my word for it. Same with Susan I’ll tell the cops you slapped my kid a year ago. We don’t need proof get the cuts out no need for a trial. Are you guys insane? Send the fbi to investigate? Let’s the get the time machine out

      1. Well, Todd, I am not running a meth ring. But, if the police do an investigation, and charge me with a crime, I will avail myself of the legal system. In this case, there is no presumption of innocence because it was not a court of law. I do not get why you keep missing that. I also do not understand why you do not respond to the substance of what I post. I show you that respect.

        Again, the Judge was not in a court of law. So, there is no presumption of innocence, nor a presumption of guilt. The body is simply seeking facts so it can deliberate and make a decision. One person gave her side, and another gave his. Judge Kavanaugh was not under arrest, no one was innocent until proven guilty. The US Senate Judiciary Committee was seeking information prior to voting on acceptance.

        If you do not accept the word of the Doctor who appeared in the hearing, why would you presumably believe the word of people who do not appear in the hearing, or people who simply write letters? It would be safe to assume that the appearance crosses a higher standard for believability than talking to some fake news outlet, or sending a letter. Right?

  13. No this is not a court of law your right and that’s obvious. If she was that worried about it she would have brought up charges in the the state it happened which has no statute of limitations…but no…she would rather just get him kicked off the Supreme Court instead..seems odd don’t you think? I’ll be curious to know if she brings this to the local police once this vote is done. If not what does that say.

    In my opinion both testimonies should mute each others out because nothing can be proved..we can’t just take her word for it and we can’t jist take his word for it. Otherwise one side gets special treatment. It’s too late to get real answers because everyone’s statements make for contradictory stories.

    What also upsets me is dems ridicule kav for being a virgin until after college. They say that’s not true! That can’t be possible he’s a monster. Who are they judge someone’s character..there are good people in this world that are decent and they are trying to rip him apart and call him a liar. Once again I think both testimonies mute each other out because they are the opposite ends of spectrum. No prof needed since it’s not a court of law. There make you happy I admitted it’s not a court of law?

  14. I do not think you should try to read the Doctors mind. That is not fair to her, and I do not think anyone can read anyone elses mind. Your assumptions are based on your personal bias, which is fine. But technically you have no way of knowing why she came forward.

    In regards to judging ones character, again your personal bias is on display. You are critical of the Democrats who are critical of the judge, and you say who are they to judge someons character? Well, they are the Senate Judiciary Committee, it is there job. At the EXACT SAME TIME, the Republican party is judging his character as well. So, it once again fits your narrative to hate Democrats, which is fine we do a lot of shit to deserve hatred, but your lack of self awareness is a problem. Orrin Hatch is judging Kavanaugh. By the way, Orrin Hatch asked Bill Clinton to appoint RBG.

    We get to choose. As do the Senators. And I choose to believe the Doctor.

    In regards to your interest in her going to the local police, Who are you to ask her to do that? You do not believe her now, why would anyone else believe her? And, who are you to decide what is a valid response to sexual assault?

    1. Dude, why don’t you just walk around with a huge freaking neon sign above your head that blinks “GUILTY BECAUSE I’m A WHITE MALE”? That way, everyone would know you’re Dino Corvino. Wear it like a badge of honor, because you’ve worked hard for it!

      1. I am not really sure where that comes from. I tried to answer your questions and posts in a respectful way to the best of my ability.

  15. I have waited before writing any comment about this situation because I will admit right up front that being a woman my point of view is probably skewed. One of the many reasons a woman does not come forward is shame and fear. This happens because even though it is not said out loud, some people feel the woman could have stopped it or somehow enticed the situation. While this is improving 36 years ago it was the normal thought of boys being boys. When watching the fiasco on TV yesterday I noticed that while Dr Blasey Ford was testifying in the room most were respectful to Dr Blasey Ford, all that changed outside the room and inside the when Judge Kavanaugh testified. I thought Judge Kavanaugh quite disrespectful and protested maybe just a little to loudly when answering questions he did not like or give the run around on questions he really did not want to answer. As far as the statements given. These were short statement given by their attorneys stating they did not remember and those statement were signed by them. I do not believe any were directly questioned and none would come to testify. More than likely Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. It should also be noted there are what were consider upstanding good people either now in jail or have been sent to jail after shouting loudly for years they did not commit the sexual assault they were accused of. They only way the truth came out was by a more detailed investigation. By the same token people have been cleared completely by an investigation.

    1. Sorry, I need to make a correction it is not Dr. Blasey Ford as she is a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

    2. When a woman makes an accusation, the should have a investigation, when more women come for we need more investigation, especially when a life time appointment is one the line.

    3. Your viewpoint is hardly skewed just because you are a woman. Look at all the skewed viewpoints of most of the men commenting on here. You bring up good points.

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