How do headlines, pictures and language that identify race, ethnicity or religion affect how we understand the news and the people in the news? What is the job of media and law enforcement to report incidents that involve minority populations?

The public is invited to share their ideas at a facilitated community conversation that brings together news media, law enforcement and the public. We’ll talk about the impact of media coverage on incidents involving minority populations, including undocumented residents. We’ll discuss:

  • How does media coverage affect public perceptions of policing?
  • How does media coverage affect public perceptions of minorities?
  • What can be done to ensure minorities are portrayed equitably in the media?

This is the fourth in a series of community dialogues taking place:

7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3
Northcentral Technical College
Rooms E101/102 (adjacent to cafeteria,Timberwolf Union)
1000 W. Campus Drive, Wausau WI
Bring your smartphone to participate in Smart Polling for discussion questions.

Featured panelists for this event will be:

  • La’Tanya Campbell – program coordinator, The Women’s Community
  • Ben Bliven – chief of police, Wausau Police Department
  • Yauo Yang – pastor, Hmong Liaison, D.C. Everest School District
  • Chris Conley – operations manager, WSAU radio

Moderator will be Mark Treinen – news director, USA Today Network.

6 replies on “Public discussion on race, building trust in law enforcement slated for Wednesday”

  1. Maybe someone can ask Chris if the inflammatory language used by the morning host is helping or harming our community?

    1. Got a specific example, Dino? Or are you just generalizing? Just because you don’t agree with his viewpoint doesn’t make what he says “inflammatory”. For the record, I’m NOT a big fan of who you’re referring to. I think he’s over the top, but I’ve NEVER heard him drop an F bomb or come even close to anything like that.

      1. Yeah, I do not need to agree with him. Midwest has the right to put whoever they want on the air as long they follow the FCC rules.

        A while ago (he has since taken the link down) he wrote a bit on his blog about how Hitler was a leftist and leftist in America are taking us down the same path. Which is historically inaccurate. But, I assume he just got the content from somewhere else. I email the station and asked about it, never got a response but he took it down.

        This morning they were doing a thing about super powers. It was a list of kids responses or something. A certain response was “the power to make the world a better place” when he spent a while complaining about how it was liberal, and how conservatives would want to have the power to crush the enemy, and grind them to dust. The next super power was ‘super strength’ which he said must have come from the conservative kids.

        I get the bit, and the whole thing. But, I think he is a bad broadcaster, and would prefer if Tom and Chris just did the show without him. They have a lot of substance, and even critical thinking. The other guy is shallow.

  2. Well, we could argue all freaking day about what side of the political spectrum old ‘Dolph was on, but that’s just stupid and this isn’t the place. I understand what you’re saying and I obviously (shocking, huh?) agree with much of what he says, but again, I also agree he’s WAY over the top quite often. Plus, I just can’t stand his voice. Having said that, I also know Tom and while I INCREDIBLY disagree with his political views, he’s a good guy. They just haven’t found a decent, level-headed conservative guy since Pat Snyder left. The dude that replaced him was a nut job too. Just limit yourself to WPR/NPR, where you get pretty much a complete liberal slant and your blood pressure will thank you. *Disclaimer*………this is all just my opinion. 😉

    1. Call, I almost never listen to NPR or WPR (except for the Blues Show on Friday, which I used to host). I really never lsiten to the radio, as a Wausau boy who grew up in the Duff Damos era, while lifeguarding at RS Pool, I grew to hate the radio. Combine that with my musical snobbery, I cannot stand the radio.

      This week I have had a loaner car, and rather than try to figure out how to attach my phone, I just leave it on the radio.

      And for the record, I LOVE Chris Conley when he does longer feature pieces. Years ago he did a series of blog posts, and on air pieces about trains, and I thought it was so good. I wish he would do more like that.

      And both him and Tom do amazing work on baseball.

      As we know, I am as partisan as one can be, but I do not dig the sensationalist, or the shallow, on either team.

  3. I agree Dino they can put whoever they like on air. I was and to a point still am a listener of WSAU. I loved the morning show when Seth Mela was on air, and I gave his replacement a bit of time hoping it wouldnt be all politics all the time. I have not listened to the morning show for a year at least.

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