Marathon County’s Uniform Addressing project will pause temporarily beginning in November, when snow and frozen ground will prohibit the installation of street and address signposts.

The eight municipalities of Berlin, Bern, Halsey, Hamburg, Johnson, Rib Falls, Rietbrock and Stettin will receive new uniform addresses beginning in May 2019, when the countywide re-addressing project is scheduled to resume, according to the Marathon County Conservation, Planning & Zoning Department. Until then, residents, business owners and landowners in those municipalities should continue to use their current address (for driver license renewals, check re-ordering, etc.) until they receive an official notice of address change from the county next year. For public safety reasons, new addresses cannot be released before then.

It is not yet known if the towns of Brighton, Holton, Hull and Spencer can be completed before the project is suspended because of weather. County staff members will make further announcements when they can determine the best and safest place to stop for the winter.

By November, nearly 15,000 new addresses will have been installed in Marathon County as part of a public safety project to transition to a grid-based, uniform addressing system. For details, updated progress maps and other information, visit