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Letters: Elect Margaret Engebretson Nov. 6

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Dear editor,

Farmers and veterans are killing themselves at record rates. The epidemic of opioid abuse is wreaking havoc on our communities and our families. Domestic violence takes the lives of 50 women every month. Health care costs are skyrocketing. Women are fed up with sexual harassment and assault and literally marching in the streets.

With all of these problems and more, I was happy to see that our current Congressman, Sean Duffy, was taking up some really important work in Washington this week, when he successfully got Republicans and Democrats to work together to unanimously pass his resolution to designate Rib Mountain as Paul Bunyan’s burial site. Seriously.

Sean Duffy is out of touch with his constituents. He spends more time on Fox News than he does talking with constituents. He blocks those who disagree with him from his social media, and spends town halls yelling at constituents who challenge him. This, of course, provides a great news clip that fires up his minority base.

Margaret Engebretson knows that our democracy is falling apart. She has traveled around Northern Wisconsin talking to the farmers, the veterans, the survivors of domestic violence, and the families torn apart by drug abuse. She knows that what we really need is someone to represent and fight for us — our needs and our concerns. She sees the people in despair, fighting to survive on low wage jobs and avoiding important preventative care because they can’t afford it.

Margaret knows what we need and she is willing to fight for us. She has spent her life fighting for others — first in the military and then as a lawyer. She has taken no money from special interests, so she has no one to answer to except us.

I urge you to elect Margaret on Nov. 6, so we can finally have a warrior in Congress instead of someone who wastes time pretending to be a lumberjack.

Kristin Conway, Schofield

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