WAUSAU — Today, Oct. 12, the Wausau School District and specifically Wausau East High School, the Wausau Police Department, and the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department will run a training drill at Wausau East for all students and staff members.

There will be several law enforcement members and emergency responders in and around the school this morning, according to Wausau School Board member Jane Rusch. This is only a drill.

According to the Wausau School District:

The school district is committed to doing all it can to be prepared for any horrific event, no matter how unlikely. The district does this to keep students as safe, secure, informed, and supported as possible. The district also wants to make sure that parents, neighbors, and supporters are well informed. The district pledges to daily provide a safe environment, and one that nurtures students’ well-being and provides excellent opportunities for all students’ learning.

This “active shooter civilian response training” is called ALICE. ALICE promotes responding to dangerous situations in the best way possible given the information at hand and mitigating harmful effects. The training is as realistic as it can be, and it informs our staff and our students on their essential shared response to violence and dangerous situations.”