WAUSAU — Students at Wausau West High School saw an increased police presence Monday when they arrived for class, which police say is due to unsubstantiated threats investigated on Friday.

Parents received a call at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday notifying them of the situation. The phone call stated that the presence was due to an investigation that started Friday involving a student.

Wausau Police Det. Nathan Cihlar said the increased police presence was a precaution that was meant to reassure students and parents that the campus is safe.

Police on Friday initially investigated suspicious comments made by a student, Cihlar said. Those comments were reported by another student and were later deemed unfounded.

“That’s what we want students to do, if they hear something that concerns them, they should report it,” Cihlar said.

Rumors escalated over the weekend on social media, Cihlar said, but students are not in any danger.

“There is no threat,” Cihlar said. “We just want to make sure that students feel safe and that parents know their students are safe at school.