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Documenters: Highlights from the North Central Community Services Program Board

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By Danielle DeHut for Wausau Pilot and Review

The North Central Community Services Program Board met this week in Antigo to discuss a range of issues including medical staff reappointments a new website for North Central Health Care and a multi-year analysis presented by a risk management consultant group.

The NCHC medical staff appointments were all approved, for Anne Dibala, MD; Brigitte Espinoza, MD; Patrick Helfenbein, MD; Richard Immler, MD; Michael Lance, MD; William Nietert, MD; Brian Smith, MD; and Robert Vickery, MD.

North Central Health Care will be launching a redesigned website at the end of the month. The organization partnered with Scorpion, a company specializing in healthcare websites. The site is designed for easier access for users to better search employment opportunities and resources for mental health issues, crisis and more.

Gallagher, which is an Insurance Risk Management Consulting group, presented their health plan multi-year analysis to the committee. The report aims to “bend the trend” through disease management opportunities, member engagement and health management opportunities.

It was noted that employees with chronic health issues are raising the cost of insurance across the board; in addition, a 10 percent annual cost inflation is making insurance increasingly expensive.

A lack of people joining the healthcare field, or staying in the healthcare field as a means of employment, has been another issue to tackle. Attendance issues prompted a “call time incentive program” to help resolve this issue. NCHC has also become a regional testing site for certified nursing assistants, which can speed the certification process for CNAs.

Currently, NCHC is responsible for both adult protective services and for ages birth through 3. There was discussion on passing responsibilities for the younger group to a different agency.

Financially, NCHC fights a monthly battle. The organization showed losses in the months of August and September, but there has been some improvement.

The CEO evaluation and form were approved by all members.

Editor’s note: The Wausau Pilot and Review Documenters program is made possible through individual donations and grants from several organizations including the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin. The program aims to democratize news and information at the local level through a group of local contributors.

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