MILWAUKEE (AP) — Former President Barack Obama criticized President Donald Trump’s tenure in office in a fiery speech that took aim at him and other Republicans for “making stuff up.”

The speech was one of Obama’s sharpest and most direct takedowns of Trump’s presidency, although the former president was careful to never mention Trump by name Friday.

Obama cited a recent Trump comment that he would pass a tax cut before the November election. Obama then told the crowd in a Milwaukee high school gymnasium that “Congress isn’t even in session. He just makes it up.”

Obama’s visit in Milwaukee was to urge people to vote for Wisconsin’s Democratic candidates.

At one point Obama said “everything I say you can look up.”

Obama will be in Michigan later Friday for another rally.

24 replies on “Obama takes aim at Trump, GOP in fiery Milwaukee speech”

  1. As usual from other news media talked about himself, but doesn’t mention anything on his failed policies.
    Blah, Blah Blah.

    1. You are totally right. As a woman I was disappointed by his 8 years in office. He did noting but divide the nation and his best to bankrupt our country. However, I am happy that he out stumping for the democrats as he is probably convincing more people to vote republican.

      1. Who divided the nation, who pledged to make Obama a one term president and opposed almost action he recommended, whether it was beneficial to the county?

        Equal pay was a good step forward for women’s pay equality. The PPACA allowed 20,000,000 more citizens to get more health care, including 200,000 more in Wisconsin, could have been more effective if Walker had accepted the Medicaid Expansion, then millions of our Federal Tax dollars would have been returned to work in Wisconsin, instead of spending billions in state taxes.

        So did the economy and prosperity not improve under Obama… why are you ignoring history and buying into a false narrative.

    2. What failed policies? Obama lead the nation out of the great recession, saved and created millions of jobs, including more during his last 20 months that Trump did during his first 20, the wave we are riding of high employment, millions more with quality health care that has settled down and is now being touted by Walker, reduced deficits several years running, didn’t play brinksmanship with the GOP on the debt ceiling which lead to a dropping our credit rating making money more expensive to borrow, the actions of the GOP to vote for sequestration cutting spending 10% across the board, and what during that time did the Republicans do, except block the nomination of derrick Garland in a totally partisan effort?

      FYI, It was a peaceful Democratic and the Media reports on what the speakers said!

      1. Call,
        how do you explain your “memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning?”

  2. Enk, since trump lowest unemployment for blacks, Latino, stock market high and growing GDP, what is it with you delusional dam democrats, oh and pumped BLM , you belong in moonbat land of California.

    1. FMK: Yes, I remember… when the Congress voted for a bi-partisan stimulus package to put an end to the depression… it meant hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for the citizens so they didn’t experience bankruptcies and this helped to jump start consumer spending, it meant support for the states that were seeing billions in short falls in tax cuts and emergency spending, and it meant money for construction products to put people to work.

      Result, millions of jobs saved and millions more created, the economies turned, then to continue the stimulus, Obama arranged for reductions in the Social Security payments and it further stimulated the economy. For six years the economy got stronger, higher productivity, stock market up, we ver moving again, unemployment declining and GDP increasing… this is history and you can see how it increased… when Donald was elected, it continued… so what is going on now? The massive tax cuts have created massive deficits and debt, Trump walking away form nearly ever trade and arms agreement is creating chaos, the tariffs and import taxes are putting American jobs and business at risk, farmers are getting $16 billion in aide because of Trump’s tariffs, other nations are taking their business to other nations,
      It is clear that Obama made and strong impact on our economy!

      The BLM was umped up by the violence and shooting by the police, since that time many of the police officers have been convicted of murder or manslaughter.

      moonbat??? I am a veteran, former Republican, former cop, former teachers, a Christian and volunteer in the community of Wausau my home state.

      I was stationed in California and it is a terrific state and has one of the best economies in the Nation and since it is so popular, the property values are more than I care to spend.

      “dam” are you referring to hydropower, water conservation and irrigation, the water control in Wisconsin???

      Currently the stock market is beginning to fluctuate wildly and a correction is due,

      if you love our country as much as I do, you will stop this divisive destructive drivel and learn to communicate and find solutions… we have too much debt and that will increase the amount to taxes we have to pay on the debt and the interest….

      yes, we have a strong economy, but it has been steadily improving for the last 6 years!

  3. Enk lengthy response is a boost to show his education level and a chance to show his insecurity , again get help and STFU

  4. FMK,

    I need help with the abbreviation. What does BLM stand for? I want to respond, but need some help with that one. I think it is Black Lives Matter. Is that right? Thanks.

  5. Sorry folks, but sometimes it is necessary to provide the background information. You can check out the who speech and rally in Milwaukee, you can also check how President Obama worked to turn around the country… that was his job as president… mean while the GOP made it their job one to make Obama a one term president!

    I see no need to apologize for my education and the research I have been doing about politics… this is not a matter of insecurity, (already got help!) this is about promoting the truth.

    What does refusing to discuss the topic and resorting to insults say?

    1. Keep flappin’ your gums, Enk. It’s *almost* comical. More pathetic, but with a touch of comedy.
      Oh and you asked: “how do you explain your “memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning?”
      Gosh, I don’t know. Since you’re the expert on…….EVERYTHING, how about giving us all another thousand word prose that says……NOTHING?

  6. FMK,

    I think you are right about the unemployment rates. I also think it is important to acknowledge that the economy is like a battleship, it does not turn around quickly.

    I think we are seeing real health now that was started in the Bush 2 era.

    1. Of course FMK is right about the unemployment rates, the employment rates, record profits and stock market, because it started in 2009 and continued for six straight years under Obama and that included the decreases in the deficits.

      “we are seeing real health now that was started in the Bush 2 era.”

      Are you forgetting the hosing bubble, people losing their comes, the great recession and world wide depression, that started under W. We lost a cool $17 trillion dollars in a very short time, and Obama and the stimulus package and leadership put a floor under the depression and started us on a recovery… give credit were credit is due… the great economy is still moving forward? will all of America be allowed to share in the rewards?

  7. Call,
    I was typing, last comment 104 words. You think my comments are amusing. Thanks!

    Did you hear the rally in Milwaukee, look at Obama’s speech on facebook? Are you up to date on how our economy improved under Obama and how the job creation during his last 20 month are better than Trumps first 20 months… so what does the future look like, what about the current deficit, the increased debt we are facing, the threats to Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and how that will seriously harm people and our economy!

    I asked about your well being because only one or two times we have had civil and reasonable exchanges, I found that to be refreshing and productive… the anger and insults aren’t necessary…

    I don’t know everything, but what I do know is that history shows that our nations is more productive during the times the Democrats have controlled the presidency, that during times of true bi-partisanship, communication and compromise were more important the partisan politics designed to win at all costs…

    I have a message and it is to stand up to attacks and still reach out and present the truth…

  8. Enk the left media did not report that Obama could not even fill a high school gym, I must add you once made a comment in one of your posts that you belong to a real church, what the hell is that! Other churches are not real. I know this ECLA church, many fine people / members left because of the progressive agenda. Martin Luther is turning over in his grave. I am not the only person that weighs in on articles and see the issues you have. Get help, you surely need it!

    1. Obama didn’t even visit Chicago in his entire 8 years as pres lol..arguably one of the worst places in America..then he shows up to this region only when it’s time to scrounge up some votes. Same old story from the left. Hey we are here now we need some votes! Don’t even get me started on bush and Obama’s economy. Neither did anything of value. Unless creating a bunch of service jobs is a good thing which it’s not. We import everything we buy and then service those products in the states. That’s the kind of jobs we had. Not making our own things and fixing our own things. Even though the cost of some things may go up you have to see what trump is trying to do. It’s not a magic wand it’s allowikg business to invest invest invest. Not just in our financial system but actually building infrastructure and literally jobs. You can’t tell me Foxconn investing billions is a bad thing. For example they make parts of the tv screen itself which we will be able to use in the United States and export around the world. In liberal land they say Foxconn is bad. Why would you rather import those parts and send that money to China? Not have the jobs that are about to be in the Milwaukee area? I know I know what about the tax breaks we give them says the liberal derp! Well they wouldn’t even think twice about building here if we didn’t help them get here. I would rather the Chinese spend their money here then not.

  9. Todd,

    I do not think anyone investing billions into the state is a bad thing. I do not think that is the position of my party either. I think the position of my party is the there is little or no local control in the project. FoxConn has been given waivers galor by the State of Wisconsin, and as a result, there are going to be significant impacts to things like the local environment.

    Wisconsin protects its natural resource. And we should in this case as well.

    Further, Democrats hit Republicans with this deal because it goes against one of the pillars of Republicans, which is smaller government and locals having control. If you remember, during Act 10, Governor Walker ran that talking point out there almost daily, how the breaking of the Unions will allow local school district to have more control. More control of things like spending.

    Well, in this case, the State government over reached into the local community, and FoxConn happened.

    I am fine with billions of dollars in investment. Totally cool with that. I think the criticism based on local control, and waivers to environmental protection are valid criticisms.

    1. Dino,

      I can agree with that. I will have to look further into the environmental rights given to Foxconn because i am not 100% familiar.

      Overreaching can sometimes be a good thing but not always. Say for instance it is possible.. that local leaders said foxconn is a no go and they won’t support it no matter what.

      Even though it benefits wisconsin tremendously (i still have to look into the environmental impact they will have) those local leaders may have let partisan beliefs and could get in the way of the people they represent. Jobs are extremly important.. but at what cost i can understand that.

      Of course the foxconn plant with have its advantages/disadvantages but you are right… being where we are the most important resource we have is the environment and what it has to offer. We just need to find a happy medium where it won’t hurt the state or states around us. But on the other side we can regulate companies out of existence or have them locate some other state because they have less restrictions. Sorry lots of thoughts jumbled together! haha

      1. Todd, not jumbled.

        I want to just point out a bit here, “Even though it benefits wisconsin tremendously (i still have to look into the environmental impact they will have) those local leaders may have let partisan beliefs and could get in the way of the people they represent.”

        It is important to remember that those partisan beliefs go both ways. People might in fact oppose it becausee they fall for the rhetoric from Democrats. But, at the same time, people might support it becuase of the rhetoric from Republicans.

        I think a deal the size of FoxConn is best handled by a Governor of course. Can you imagine the bumpkins on Marathon County board trying to work their way through it? But, at the same time, if a community wants to reject a proposal like this, it has the right to do so. It is probably a mistake, and they will surely be voted out of office, but they have that right.

        I think it is incumbent on the Governor to make the best deal, protect the State of Wisconsin the best he can (in all the ways), and my sense of this is that Governor Walker did not do his best work here.

        I opposed (since the deal is done) the FoxConn deal because of the lack of environmental controls set in place, and I opposed it because of the baloon effect it would have on our economy. By that I mean, the tax burden is massive.

        I think there has to be a point in which balance is sought in regards to economic development. We cannot give away the farm to get a few chickens. We see that here in Wausau all the time.

      2. i agree which is why i didn’t call out one side of the isle.working together for the greater good is not something we have seen in politics for many years. its getting out of hand actually. Neither side wants to break away from their national message in fear they will be ousted from their own party. Even if it hurts those they represent. Same goes for walker even though i will vote for him. Neither side will give you a full accurate picture of what their agenda is.

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