Dear editor,

If Scott Walker makes a promise in has campaign, chances are he is lying.

And this is certainly the case with the governor now promising to protect people with pre-existing conditions.

In his current campaign he is trying to reinvent himself as a compassionate conservative. All of a sudden he is now the education governor and protecting protecting pre-existing conditions.

If Walker really cared about protecting people with pre-existing conditions he wouldn’t have directed his attorney general to sue to overturn the affordable health care act which protects people with with pre-existing conditions.

When a career politician like Walker is running for re-election, promises have to be weighed against his track record.

Scott Walker is not a man of his word. his campaign promises cannot be trusted. Past promises not kept were promising he wasn’t interested in attacking public employees. making Wisconsin a right to work state, or running for president, we all know what he did!!

Have you noticed no Wisconsin sportsmen for Walker signs in yards this year? Maybe it is due to what he has done to the DNR, and Wisconsin deer hunting, and again not keeping his promises.

Please consider voting for Tony Evers Nov. 6 in the governor’s race.

Fred Hardt, Wisconsin Rapids

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27 replies on “Letters: Wisconsin Rapids man says Walker’s campaign promises can’t be trusted”

  1. Let’s see……. Because of Scott Walker, we now FINALLY are able to conceal/carry. The unions, which are nothing more than money laundering arenas for liberals are less powerful and WI is a right to work state.
    I’ll most DEFINITELY be voting for Scott Walker again.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    1. So how many times have you need a weapon to protect you life, family or property…
      Unions have done may great things for workers, wages, rights and society… being a right to work state means wages and due process and worker safety are reduced…

      “money laundering arenas for liberals” you of course have proof for that accusation???

      Walker has failed to fund education, provide shared review for cities and counties, maintain roads, dropped our job creation from 10th nationally to 41st… increased debt and four of his former secretaries are coming out against him…

      but at least we have Medicaid Expansion saving us billions in our state budget as we get billions of our federal tax dollars… what he turned it down and 176,000 of Wisconsin’s citizens have been denied health insurance…

      But we have the railroad connecting Milwaukee and Madison and two new trains built in factory in Milwaukee creating good jobs and income and tax revenue… we don’t have the $800 million tracks nor the $750 dollars in construction of two trains nor either train because we lost both of them and $50 million in a court case…

      So what has Scott done for Wisconsin?

      1. Mr. Enk, being a woman I may be in the minority but I have a concealed carry permit and I do carry where allowed. So you comment hit home with me. I would ask you a question. How many times have you needed to have the fire department respond to your home for a fire. Probably, hopefully, never. Because of this should we disband the fire department?

        I am a registered voter and I will be voting for Scott Walker as I fear what Mr. Evers would do to WI.

      2. Okay “Mr. Teacher”……riddle me this. The teachers union contributes 99.999% of political donations to what party? Republican? Hahahaha!!! Yet EVERY teacher forced to pay into that liberal claptrap is a democrat and wants that money to go to democrats and liberal causes? Nice try.
        How many times have I needed a weapon to protect my life, family and property? None so far and I certainly hope it stays that way. But guess what? I’m going to lunch in a little while and maybe I’ll see you out at a restaurant. Bet EVERY last dollar you have that I’ll be packin’. I will NEVER look for any…..ANY kind of situation or confrontation to use my handgun, but there’s one thing I’ll guaranfreakingtee you. I, my family and my property will NEVER be a victim and defenseless to some moron with a weapon. How many mass shootings have taken place at locations where people were allowed to have concealed weapons? Let me answer that for you. N-O-N-E.
        Scott Walker has “failed to fund education”? Umm……how exactly? Last time I checked, new schools are being built, additions added on and I haven’t seen any public schools close from lack of funding. You can spiddle out all of the stupid liberal talking points all you want, but as always, facts will be your demise.
        I hear that added exercise helps with dementia. You might want to go out and run a few miles, Enk.

      3. Matte, How many times have you had to use your firearm?
        I never said I wanted to take it away, but that is a poor reason to vote for Walker after what he has donate education in Wisconsin, equated teachers and the people of Madison ISIS, removed funding from the University system, failed to go with Medicaid Expansion so our federal tax dollars would return to the state to cover our health care and spent more than a billion stat taxes on health care, a man the took control in Wisconsin when under the recovery 225,000 jobs were predicted and then he never reached his promise of 259,000 jobs, he has joined other states in fighting the ACA, which provide 200,000 Wisconsinites health care and with the Medicaid expansion we could of had 176,000 more provided care.

        Now the GOP in DC are looking to cut Medicare, Social Security, and Medicare… that means a large number of our family, friends, citizens will have a new struggle to deal with… children, elderly, those in nursing homes, disabled and handicapped, homeless veterans all get assistance form Medicaid and receive their benefits from Social Security and Medicare…

        As for the fire department? And or police department? They are public services and they are part of what we pay for with our tax dollars. The EMT’s have been called for my dad, for my niece, for my sisters, for my brother-in-laws, for car accidents, form neighbors, in Wausau… other towns in Wisconsin, in Arizona… during flooding, power outages, the FD, PD, Sheriffs Department make hundreds of calls a day, transport people to hospitals, so I would never suggest that public safety be ended.

        Since I have been dispatcher for a fire department, I know the value of a quick response, since I served as a police officer, I know the value of officers in many different situations and emergencies and deaths, so please don’t equate concealed carry with the vital services and lives and property saved and protected by our public officials who are their to protect and serve and save.

        I have weapon, I know how and when to use it, and the answer is almost never… I also know that a hand gun against an assault style long gun is a no-win situation… i hope you or none of your family or friends need to use your weapon for defense.

        So Tony Evers wants to fund education again, rebuild our roads, protect our health care insurance for our citizens, give tax breaks to 80% of the people and have the other 80% pony up tax dollars, because they are living in Wisconsin and have benefited mightily form the Walker Tax Cuts…

        When a Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportations meet, they recommended that we expand mass transit, do work on airports and water ways and docks, but the biggest recommendation was for road repair and a gas tax to pay for it… the offset from better roads, better mpg and fewer auto repairs and accidents…

        Remember, Walker and the all GOP State legislature have failed to maintain our roads… 8 years of decline… they have denied cities and counties funding to do their job and repair local roads… tax dollars that could have repaired our infrastructure, roads, bridges, and fund the things the cities and counties need… you do know that a gas tax was approved and the increase in sales tax on the rest of the gas price…so prices going up under Walker and roads just not on the menu.

        What we can gets more jails and prisons… $40,000 a year to lock up people… I think we can do better with alternative programs, health care, rehabilitation, job training, better funding for at risk students, fully funding education above the 2009 levels and stop taking public education tax dollars for voucher programs… if you want to setup and fund an alternative system… don’t rob John Q Public to pay for the program… provide separate funding and the same level of evaluation…

        Wisconsin managed to function well, because the GOP controlled branches of the state legislature had real elections and the Democrats would win over a house periodically and we had several Democrats to temper the GOP… Wisconsin was enface forced work together and compromise… better funding and governance.

        I miss the fact that in 2010, When Walker took control, we were ranked 10th in the nations in job creations and we are now ranked 41st, Wisconsin should being the top ten!

      4. Call,
        Aren’t you also a teacher? Are you now or have you ever been the member of a union? Has union ever negotiated wages and contracts for you or your position in the past? Has a union ever been called to enforce the contract, meaning due process for the employee and reprimands or retraining for workers that were sub-par in performance? Have you ever served as a representative, leaders, officer in a union? Locally, state wide, nationally? Important work!

        Sorry sunny boy, I am retired and live on a fixed income because I have been fiscally responsible and the pension funds were well invested and funded by enough dollars so we can afford to get the deferred payments we earned and continue to pay taxes for our community and country.

        But I have always been a teacher, student, and life long learner. So I don’t like games that are made up so a person can make illogical statements and insult others and expect me or anyone else to play.

        The teachers union dues are used to negotiate contracts, negotiate pay, benefits, lobby for school programs, contribute to grans and research and provide insurance for the workers.

        Over the years, unions have had to organize and win over workers support and during the formative years… strikes were used because workers provide on of the key elements in Capitalism and the world of work… the human capital, they do the work, create a product or a service, provide creativity and advances… labor has had to battle owners that were used to slaves and ruling with force, calling in the police, army, and union men have died to get the right to organize, even though it is part of Our US Constitution.

        Just as the common man had to struggle to get the vote, then back men, then women, orientals had to struggle for rights, people have had to struggle for access to education, civil rights, over and over again… remember it is part of history that is largely ignored in our school curriculum.

        So with union gaining 30% of the workers as members, owners treated all workers better, they weren’t locked into the work area, they were bullies and mistreated and forced to work in unsafe conditions… except many still were because they didn’t have union contracts to protect them… individually they would be fired, in groups they would be assaulted by strike breakers, Pinkertons, armed guards, police, even the Army or state troopers.

        So union dues cannot be used for political candidates… unions can and do create PAC’s like so many other people and organizations do… even Super Pac’s… with out unions, teachers have no representation in the educational system, since school boards are elected, other elected officials control the shots… you can bet your last dollar, I am going to vote, support candidates that support education, health care, equal pay, fiscal use of tax dollars, protect our environments and maintain our infrastructure and reinvest in America so we have a future…

        How many times have I needed a weapon to protect my life, family and property? None so far and I certainly hope it stays that way.
        As do I.

        I however have been in the service and on the police force and a public school teacher and on two of those jobs weapons were part of what we carried, but attitude and self-control meant situations didn’t have to turn violent.

        …going to lunch in a little while and maybe I’ll see you out at a restaurant. Sorry, we have never met nor shared a coffee and had a conversation, but I am still ready.

        you’ll be packin’…
        I, my family and my property will NEVER be a victim, other than a touch of paranoia, but I you all stay safe and you don’t accidentally kill me or someone else.

        How many mass shootings have taken place at locations where people were allowed to have concealed weapons? Let me answer that for you. N-O-N-E.
        And you know this how?
        You do realize that more and more guns are owned by fewer and fewer people. The problem is access to guns and gun violence!

        I don’t know how to spiddle, what is that anyway? It does rhyme with riddle!
        Call, facts, knowledge, truth and faith in others have and will carry me through. Can’t we just all get along.

        I hear that added exercise helps with dementia. You might want to go out and run a few miles, Enk. Interesting, I am working on my diet, stretching, flexibility and endurance. But how will my running improve your dementia?

  2. Lost in the education discussion — while the tuition freeze (which Walker promises to extend if he is elected) may help students avoid additional debt, the supplemental money needed to run our university system hasn’t been forthcoming from the state legislature. As a result, campuses (including ours in Stevens Point and Wausau) are running deficits.

    That should be no surprise. What business succeeds if it can’t raise prices while operating expenses go up?

    Jim Force

    1. Wisconsin and other states have in the past funded state institutions so education cost the student 20% and we could get our educations, work and get loans and graduate with limited debt… some of us used GI Bill… more recently and currently the funding has been cut and students graduating have massive debt.

      UWMC is now part of UW-Stevens Point. The cut backs in staff and teachers and courses and majors are downgrading our education system,. funding cuts have dropped UW-Madison form the top five in Research to like number eight and then we loose the grants, research professors and top notch students to other schools… that means our university loses out on the advances and inventions that become money sources.

  3. I think it is strange that Mattie and Robert Mielkes surrogate are asking questions of one another. I mean, come on. Wink. We see you.

    1. Dino, I am confused by your comment. Why do you feel I am a surrogate? Please, a little more information so I can understand your position.

      1. Sure, I will play along.

        In the Mary Thao thread you brought forth a response that made no sense given the article or situation, you were simply trying to move along the Mayors narrative.

        Since we know that the Mayor and John Enk have communicated about the comments on this website, it is fair to say there are others.

        Also, you writing style matches the writing style put forth by the Mayor (or his wife) on social media and other places.

        I also think the Mayors sons name is Matt. It is ultimately fine that you are working with the Mayor, the City of Wausau should have ambassadors carrying its message forward. It is not okay to be deceoptive about it, that hurts the brand.

      2. Wow, Dino, let’s go really crazy with your conspiracy theories, You work for Keene Winters and are ramping up opposition to the Mayor… the other single name commenters are part of the Keene for may center-right coalition, Mattie is an alter ego created by Keene, and I am the worst double agent ever because I support city government from lies, insults, and vicious attacks, I support anyone being subjected to an attack, when I seek information by going you a primary source and then reveal what I found out, now comments…

        Did you know that I met with 250 people, the mayor, Sean Duffy, Sheriff Parks, many other friends and citizens at the Candle Light Vigil for the Jewish people killed at their Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

        So gang how many of your were there… I saw members of my congregation and many other churches, it is was a sad occasion, but a wonderful celebration calling for more peace and understanding…

        When I had a chance to talk to Sean, twice… I ask him to take action against these weapons of war style assault rifles, he said the problem was the crazy person… I said a crazy person is not all that dangerous, but with an AK-47 or AR-15 they are very deadly and we need to stop the gun violence… so am I now working for Duffy.

  4. Good for you Robert. It is important to wear your nobility like armor. I am sure that is somewhere in the Bible.

    You are the best of us all. I know this because you tell us all the time.

    I never thought Virtue Signaling was a thing, but it really is.

    1. Dino, I don’t know about Mattie being a “mole”. Honestly doesn’t come across that way to me. Now Robert Jr…..that’s another story and we agree on that one for sure.

      1. Entirely possible. And it is a shame that we have gotten to the point where we are with the Mielke administration that he would see fit to send forth a covert operative to simply troll us all.

        When what the Mayor could do is simply engage, and advocate for the work he has done, and is doing. You know…transparency.

        But, instead he has sent Enk forth to carry his water, which I fear has just made things worse.

        I am dubious of the Mayor.

    1. FMK, not sure it is possible to fail that test, I think that you, Call1911, and Dino should try it and report back… I think all those that read this comment section, might contact Shereen and see why she allows conspiracy therapists free reign and allows people to be trivialize and assaulted in her newspaper… rude and raw personal attacks.

      where is the integrity, he quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness: journalist standards: principles of conduct informed by notions of honor and decency: ethics, moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity:

      deceitful and reprehensible comments deserving censure or condemnation: this is not Wausau, this is not Wisconsin, and this is not American or civil behavior…

      if a voice of reason can be targeted just because of differing views, then we are going down and discourse is being trampled under oppressive behavior… Dino I know you and are you willing to stand in the open and defend you attacks? If you are, then you will have to abandon your mantle as a liberal and desire for transparency…

      so all those that think I personally deserve the right to comment in a truthful manner please let Shereen know.

      This is why anonymity is wrong on a comment section, it brings out the worst in people…

      1. Conspiracy therapists? LMFAO! *Perhaps* you mean “theorists”? But hey, I guess I could be a therapist. I certainly feel like one, reading your tripe here and wondering how anyone with a functioning cranium could type what you do.
        So now you’re lobbying others to “petition” Shereen for your……what exactly? Your “honor”? Pffft……
        This is SO classic. Accuse others of what you blatantly do and play the martyr.
        There’s nothing anonymous here. I know everyone who regularly comments here by their chosen usernames and so do you. How about if I created a WordPress account with the name “John Smith”. Gosh Enk, it would be TWO names, but guess what? That’s not my real name. Shocking, huh? Want to know what’s REALLY funny? You definitely know who I am.


    2. FMK, I find that often the lessons, Gospel, Message or the lesson that come up in Adult Forum have some inspiration, the holy spirit. I quote scripture because it provides a plan for solving disagreements.

      Neither a Pharisee nor Sadducee.

  5. “if a voice of reason can be targeted just because of differing views, then we are going down and discourse is being trampled under oppressive behavior… Dino I know you and are you willing to stand in the open and defend you attacks? If you are, then you will have to abandon your mantle as a liberal and desire for transparency…”

    It is nice that you are an arbiter of that sort of thing.

    Also, I am not sure what is required of me by this paragraph.

    Maybe be clearer next time Mr. Mayor.

    1. arbiter… well,I am not a farmer or rancher, but I recognize BS so I don’t step in it and realize that when I dries out you can use for fuel, it has value as a fertilizer, so I look for good everywhere… so in this case, when there is a disagreement you need to meet with that person…

      this came at church at Adult forum how to settle a conflict… Matthew 18:15-17 ESV

      “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.”

      1. The arrogance of all of that.

        Maybe you could give that verse to the Mayor during your next confab, so he can prepare for his next conflict.

        You are an amazing troll. If you want to meet, that is fine. There is no benefit to engaging a troll like this, but sure. If you want to meet, I am sure you can find my email somehow. The Mayor has it, just ask him.

  6. Come on Enk Mr. speak the truth and facts, explain to me your comment that you belong to a real church, what does that mean. But now you are quoting scripture, you seem to me a Pharisee, don’t dance and cover this.

    1. So Dino, what is arrogant about attending church and listening to the message, or attending adult forum?

      Knowing the Bible and studying it?

      Being willing to seek a resolution to a disagreement?

      To work on you tendency to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posts.

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