WAUSAU — School district officials in Wausau are working to determine whether the district’s human resources director is among eight men arrested in Rothschild on charges of soliciting a prostitute.

The arrest happened Oct. 18 as part of a multi-day investigation into prostitution in the area.

Among the list of names of men arrested during the planned sting was that of 62-year-old Michael Schwei, according to the Rothschild Police Department. Schwei was fined $2,000.

Now, school officials are investigating whether the man arrested is the same Michael Schwei who works for the district currently and was acting superintendent Wausau during the 2017-2018 school year. Several school board members confirmed they were notified of the investigation late Tuesday.

School officials have issued the following statement in response to questions about Schwei’s arrest:

“This afternoon, the Wausau School District was made aware by a media outlet that a District employee may have been cited for soliciting prostitution. The District takes these allegations seriously and will immediately conduct an inquiry and investigation.”

This story will be updated.

29 replies on “Wausau Schools investigate whether HR director arrested in prostitution sting”

  1. WSD is “investigating”? What???? How about dropping a dime and making a freaking phone call to either Mr. Schwei or WPD? Better yet, how about someone from the WSD admin. building walk about ONE BLOCK to the WPD building and inquire?
    CYA mode in full effect.

      1. Read above. Exactly HOW difficult is it to find out? Seriously. IF I really cared, it would probably take me 10 minutes but hey, gotta cover asses, right?

  2. So eight guys answer an add for a prostitute and are cited because they didn’t have permit?

    Fined, but soiling is not a crime?

    So who issues the permits?

    1. Soliciting is not a crime?

      The detective was not available for comment?

      WSD is checking to see if it was an employee?

      Mind boggling.

      1. Solicitation is handled under an ordinance created a few years ago that requires escorts to obtain a license. This changed the way these cases were handled. The ordinance was meant to create a significant financial penalty as a deterrent, while at the same time moving cases to municipal court rather than criminal court.
        We are in the process of obtaining the police report to see if there are additional pertinent details other than what the RPD has already provided.
        Yes, WSD is verifying that the 62-year-old Michael Schwei is the same 62-year-old Michael Schwei who works at the district. He is apparently out of town.

  3. John you run your yap get backed in a corner and complain , cry ask for help from sheereen , it is illegal with an atempt to commit a crime, wake up for shit sake. And you will whine about this post, delusional arrogant person you are.

  4. The real funny thing is, a local investigating TV station website is saying is being charged for soliciting a prostitute without a permit!

    1. That’s actually the charge – it’s a little confusing, I know. There was an ordinance change some years ago that required licensing, which no escorts actually get. The ordinance shifted such cases from criminal court, where a prostitution charge is a class A misdemeanor and the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt, to municipal court. In municipal court, which is a civil court, the burden of proof is “clear and convincing,” which is a lesser burden. The hefty fine is meant as a deterrent but also helps pay for prostitution investigations, which are pretty expensive. Crazy, huh?

      1. I believe the dancers at the clubs are required to have a permit/license. I can’t imagine any prostitute walking into Rothschild village hall asking to purchase one.

        SO if this is a misdemeanor, why is it even news. The guy works in HR, not like he’s around kids.

  5. As long you pay your fees you can go get … If not, we will humiliate you. He should have gone to Woodson YMCA. One of them there over there desperate ones would have offered it for free. Obviously this town and its “authority” have lots of free time on their hands.

  6. Shereen,

    Did Ron just make an allegation that there are prostitutes working at the Woodson YMCA?

  7. Ron, I read what you wrote. ANd honestly have no idea what you are saying. but for some reason you invoked the Woodson YMCA.

    I have no idea what “He should have gone to Woodson YMCA. One of them there over there desperate ones would have offered it for free. ” means

    1. The more families you destroy chances are you will be placed as board member. Ask the last Executive Director.

    2. Dino,

      Ron clearly had that happen to him…just salty lol.

      Don’t drag the YMCA into this you clown. Its not relevant to this story.

      1. I do not even know what happened. Did his wife leave him for someone who was a Y member?

        All I know is he is using this thread to make all sorts of leading statements about the YMCA.

  8. What are you talking about? I am part of three generations of members to the Woodson YMCA, and I have never heard that.

    1. As I said, ask the last Executive Director who did he place on the board KNOWINGLY that individual destroyed two families and is a wife swapper. Go figure it out.

  9. How could I possibly do that Ron? You want me to ask Tom Jackson who on his board swapped wives?

    You took the time to make a comment casting unproveable allegations on a beloved Wausau institution, under the story about a prostitution sting.

    Shame on you.

    1. The shame is on you, Jackson and the YMCA. Don’t shame the messenger for mentioning the decadence of a “beloved Wausau institution”. What you want? Names, places and who did who at he Y?

    2. They are very provable. Get him on your podcast and ask him about the newsletter picture (he will know) ask him who recommended the swinger to be part of the board.

  10. Yes, I want names. Otherwise it is an unfounded allegation made with the intent of casting aspersions.

    You made a claim of fact. Tom Jackson put a wife swapper on his board. Who is the wife swapper?

    You could have made the whole thing up.

    1. Dino … No! Ask Jackson. Ask him who was in the newsletter picture that proved he was messing with a married woman that you ignored and placed him on the board. Ask around, you seam to be a downtown know it all.

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