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Police: Stevens Point therapist snared in prostitution sting wanted diaper changed

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ROTHSCHILD — A 59-year-old Stevens Point therapist snared in a multi-day prostitution sting that resulted in eight arrests told police he wasn’t interested in sex. Instead, Mark Rossano sought an escort to nurse him, feed him a warm bottle and spank him while he was wearing a soiled diaper, according to a Rothschild Police Department report.

Police arrested Rossano anyway.

The prostitution investigation, which began Oct. 18, focused on an online site exclusively used for escort and sexual services. Investigators posed as escorts offering a variety of services to local clients. Rossano, who is a clinical therapist in Stevens Point, exchanged text messages with an investigator he believed was an escort and allegedly arranged for services in exchange for a “donation” of $400, according to the report.

When Rossano showed up at the planned meet, police seized $421 in cash, his cell phone, and a backpack containing baby wipes, baby powder, diapers, a condom, and two oversized pink safety pins, the report stated. Police say Rossano was wearing a “onesie” and a plastic diaper filled with urine and fecal matter under his clothing at the time of his arrest.

Rossano faces misdemeanor prostitution charges filed Nov. 1 in Marathon County Circuit Court. He makes an initial appearance at 2 p.m. today.

Also arrested in the sting was Wausau School District Human Resources Director Michael Schwei, 62. Schwei was fined $2,000 and cited for soliciting a prostitute without a permit, an ordinance violation.

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