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Documenters: Highlights from the plan commission in Wausau

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By Owen Reissmann for Wausau Pilot and Review

Tuesday’s special plan commission meeting began with a discussion about the Precise Implementation Plan at 2001, 2005, and 2115 Sherman Street and 902 South 21st Avenue to allow for single-family residential homes in a proposed Unified Development District.

One member of the commission objected to the need for so many exceptions to zoning ordinances for these properties, asking if the they were giving the city special consideration in this situation, allowing exceptions which would not typically be afforded to properties owned by residents. However, it was clarified that, given the size and position of the lots, it would not really be possible for these homes to exist without such exceptions.

Member Ron Zahrt questioned the reasoning for adjusting these properties. Commission Chair Mielke stated that they are leftover properties from construction projects.

Member Pat Peckham volunteered his analysis that the setback variances requested for these properties are not extreme; they are in keeping with other such requests.

The commission also discussed amending the Precise Implementation Plan at 1801 Westwood Center Boulevard to allow for signage. This is the Ascension Medical Group. The currently have a temporary sign. They are requesting an upgrade to an electronic monument sign. It would be the only sign on that side of the building. The city has allowed different businesses such signs in that area and other areas of the city. The city imposes certain limits to capabilities in terms of graphics and flashing. Messages must remain static for six seconds before being allowed to change.

Member Gary Gisselman asked if the height of the sign would be in keeping with limits. It was clarified that the sign itself is only 9 feet high. While it is near the 30-foot limit when measuring from the curb, that is unavoidable given its location on top of a hill.

Both plans were approved.

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