WAUSAU — With snow in the forecast for Friday, crews are working to collect as many leaves from Wausau streets before winter weather arrives.

Because of the forecast, crews are working today in sections of the city scheduled for pickup between now and Nov. 14 in an attempt to get as many leaves as they can before the snow falls, according to the Department of Public Works.

On the west side, crews have finished the section scheduled for Thursday collection, between 36th Avenue and 48th Avenue, and have moved on to the section from 48th Avenue to the city limits. Workers will return on Nov. 13 to this section, officials said.

On the east side crews are working in the two sections from Sylvan Street north to the city limits. Weather permitting, they will return to a section from Sylvan Street to Marquardt Road Friday and from Marquardt Road north to the city limits on Nov. 14.

If weather complicates leaf collection on the east side Friday, crews will return next week.