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New DNR tool helps residents determine when its safe to have a fire

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MADISON – The Department of Natural Resources has a new, interactive online tool that provides information to Wisconsin residents and businesses about open burning.

The Know Before You Burn web page includes an interactive tool called “Can I burn?,” which allows users to enter information about their burn intent, locations and types of materials they want to burn, and then provides directions on what to do next.

“Burning regulations are in place to protect air quality, encourage proper management of wastes and help reduce the risk of wildfires,” said Waste and Materials Management Program Director Joe Van Rossum, in a DNR news release. “The DNR hopes the new online tool will make it easier to determine if open burning is safe, help identify if permits are necessary and educate the public on how to obtain the proper approvals and permits.”

The online tool is user-friendly and takes less than a minute to complete. If residents intend to burn different material types, they can complete the questions for each type of material to determine eligibility.

You can find the tool by going to dnr.wi.gov and searching keyword “burn,” or you can access it from any of the open burning web pages.

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