Dear Editor,

Sunday is Veterans Day and that got me thinking.

First, let me thank all of the brave Men and Women that keep our lives safe, now and in the past. Without you, there is no US.

It also got me thinking about my earliest memory of learning about war and its costs. It only took me five seconds to remember my Mom’s friend that fought in Vietnam. He will remain nameless out of respect.

Anyway, this was probably around 1975. You see, when he came home, he was pretty messed up. I can remember overhearing some very graphic things that this Man saw and did. I must have been 7 years old. War before that moment was glorious and something I pretended to duplicate in play with my friends. After learning about what that Man went through, and hearing him in tears when I should have been asleep, left an imprint of war I will never forget.

So, as we celebrate our Veterans, keep the true cost of a war in the back of your minds. For many Veterans, wars don’t end on the battlefield.

Peace, everybody.

Gary Alan Wadzinski, Weston