Dear Editor,

There’s an expression I’ve heard in the Upper Peninsula, “That’s a bunch of kaka.” It’s what I think of when I hear Mr. Vos and Mr. Fitzgerald rationalize the stripping of powers from the incoming governor and attorney general, by saying Republicans “just want a place at the table.”

A place at the table? You designed the table. You built the table. You painted it. You set it with all your favorite people and propositions.

For eight years, you’ve controlled the Assembly, the Senate, the Governor’s office, the Attorney General’s office, the state Supreme Court, the DNR, the University Board of Regents, the Wisconsin Economic Development Council.

You’ve done away with the government accountability board. You’ve killed environmental regulations, you’ve cut public school funding and vilified public employees, you’ve rejected federal medical assistance, you approved Foxconn.

In November, the majority of voters in this state said they’d had enough and voted for a change in leadership, hoping for a return to balance and fair decision making in this state.

To Vos, Fitzgerald and all the rest trying to justify this last-minute, late-night power grab, “That’s a bunch of kaka.”

Jim Force Wausau, WI