Scenes from Frankie & Fletcher, LLC

By David Stenklyft

“It’s worthy of a new story.”

This is the business motto for the newly launched Frankie and Fletcher Mercantile shop in Wausau. And because of the nature of their refinishing and retail business, that motto seems quite appropriate for the shop.

“Love funky junk, painted furniture, and all things vintage? Our pieces are re-imagined and re-designed into fabulous finds, worthy of a new story,” their Facebook page reads.

Co-owners Heather Brimacombe and Angela Lentz say they appreciate the history of the Wausau are excited to bring older, well-loved items back to life.

And working in a historic building, the Wausau Train Depot, 209 Washington St., doesn’t hurt, either.

“One of the really nice things about having a shop like this is our customers and stories they bring,” Brimacombe said. “The building is a main topic, how this used to be a restaurant. One gentleman came in and told us how he would catch turtles and bring them to a past restaurant here to make turtle soup”.

Another personal treat? The people who bring in furniture for the pair to restore, relaying the history of the piece. Perhaps it belonged to a parent or a relative, someone who was so proud of the pieces when they were new, many years ago.

“That was the part of the business that I didn’t expect. And it is really interesting to meet all these people and listen to their stories,” Brimacombe said.

Lentz said she and Brimacombe have been exceptionally pleased with the success of the store, which opened early this fall.

“We have enjoyed all the new friends we’ve made and the welcoming of us to the community,” Lentz said.

Frankie & Fletcher is open the first week of each month and by appointment. The business has an active Facebook page, and the pair is active on Facebook messenger, replying to messages to meet customers even on their days off.

“We get many messages to meet customers. We’re only 15 minutes away.” Lentz said.

Along with the antique refinishing, and retail products, F&F will launch instructional classes starting in January. And while and expansion is not in the near future, it may happen.

“We could use a place three times as large to do all we want.” Lentz said.

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The store sells Fusion Mineral Paint, a product exclusive to the area. Lentz said the partners researched the product heavily before selecting it in part for its ease of use. Fusion offers minimal prep work, exceptional coverage, a gorgeous finish in a range of shades and no top coat — perfect for the DIY furniture flipper. Oh – and it’s waterproof, too, so the paint can be used on outdoor furnishings, too.

“We want people to enjoy refinishing their pieces and be as less stressful as possible.  It is a high quality product,” Lentz said.

If you’re wondering about the name, Brimacombe and Lentz say they chose the name after their two beloved dogs. And the name seemed just right.

Frankie, left, and Fletcher, right, are the dogs behind the name of a new Wausau store that opened this fall.

Contact these fun, artistic ladies at 715-843-9700 or visit the Frankie & Fletcher Facebook page for more information.