By Owen Reissmann for Wausau Pilot and Review

Monday evening’s Village of Weston Board of Trustees meeting began with public comment from a resident who spoke out to and impress upon the board the importance of sticking with the system currently in place, having a village administrator. The position has been vacant since former Administrator Dan Guild resigned under pressure.

In his statement to the board, the resident stressed that trustees do not have time to run the municipality itself. An administrative employee with overarching authority is necessary to effectively run the village. He even volunteered to help out by taking part in a citizen committee to assist in the vetting process. Board member Mark Maloney asked for his phone number.

Everest Metro Police Chief Clay Schulz gave an update on his department. Schulz said mental health issues represent the most pressing weight on the force at this time.

Village staff is looking to change the location of pre-employment physicals and drug testing from Wausau to Weston.

A few board members expressed concern over some fees on the proposed new fee schedule, such as non-transport ambulance and vehicle fire fees.

S.A.F.E.R. Deputy Fire Chief Josh Finke stated his view that if the village does not charge its own residents for such things, neither can they charge those outside the village who do not pay taxes. When people refuse EMS service after a third party has called they do not get billed, Finke said. He also stated that the proposed charge amounts are in keeping with those of other municipalities.

The majority of board members voted against adopting the proposed fee schedule. Board President Barb Ermeling advised all to send their recommended changes to Director of Planning and Development Jennifer Higgins for further review.

There are three proposed projects on roads where no significant street maintenance has taken place in as many as 30 to 40 years. Under the current rules, one-third of the cost of reconstructing those roads would be passed on to neighborhood residents. One board member expressed concern that such charges could be burdensome to those on a fixed income. Board President Ermeling also said she does not like the idea of residents being charged specifically for the reconstruction of the road they live on.