CUDAHY, Wis. — Two people have been charged in the torture of a 15-year-old Wisconsin girl who was burned, beaten and forced to stay in an empty room for months.

Kevin and Felicia Boon, the father and stepmother of the alleged victim, now face six criminal charges including physical abuse of a child, mental harm to a child, chronic neglect and false imprisonment.

According to a criminal complaint, Felicia and Kevin Boon locked the 15-year-old in her room at all times. She was forced to go to the bathroom in her room and was beaten for doing so. The victim was also deprived of food and water, sometimes only being allowed to eat once a day.

Court documents state the adults put three other children in the home in charge of the girl. The children poured hot and cold water on her, beat her with a metal pole and zip tied her to the bed posts.

Authorities say the victim was also strangled with a cord and forced to eat food contaminated with her own waste.

On December 5, the victim escaped from her room and used a cellphone to call an aunt. The aunt then alerted police, who found the victim in the home.

Police say in the girl’s bedroom was a bed frame, headboard, dresser and an ice cream container filled with urine. There were no clothes, pillows or blankets in the room. Authorities say there was also an alarm installed on the door to make sure the victim stayed in the bedroom. The victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for several injuries.

The girl told investigators she was pulled from school in November of 2017 and restricted to her room for the last few months. When she was found, she didn’t know it was December.