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Strip search at Marathon County Jail yields meth discovery

in Sirens

By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A 41-year-old Wausau woman is facing an array of drug charges after corrections officers at the Marathon County Jail recovered methamphetamine and narcotics secreted in the woman’s vaginal cavity, according to court documents.

Leah Blando faces charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, on or near certain places; and possession of controlled substances in connection with the discovery.

An investigation began Dec. 8 when a Marathon County Jail lieutenant reported a small rock of suspected methamphetamine was discovered at the facility, prompting a strip search of all inmates from the women’s cell block along with a K-9 search of cells. During the search, officers discovered a black rubber glove containing 7.5 grams of methamphetamine and 8 alprazolam tablets inside Blando’s body cavity, according to court documents.

A typical dose of methamphetamine is about 0.25 grams, according to federal officials. Alprazolam is a Schedule IV narcotic drug available by prescription.

Charges against Blando were filed Dec. 21 in Marathon County Circuit Court. In a separate case filed the same day, Blando is also facing additional criminal charges including possession of a firearm as a felon; possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver; maintaining a drug trafficking place; possession of drug paraphernalia to manufacture, compound, convert, produce, or store methamphetamine; and possession of narcotic drugs.

Court records show Blando was on probation at the time of her arrest stemming from a 2016 theft conviction. Her probation has since been revoked.

A review hearing is set for Jan. 9.

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