By Shereen Siewert

Chang Garden, a longtime downtown Wausau staple, will close its doors this month, company officials said Thursday.

“The Weston location will remain open and we are hoping that with this change we may finally be able to open our Hot Pot Grill Area sooner,” company officials told Wausau Pilot and Review, in a Facebook message.

In September, the company announced they had completed construction on their new Weston hot pot grill area but were unable to launch due to a lack of employees. The hot pot experience typically involves a huge bowl of broth placed in the center of a table that is heated; Ingredients ranging from raw vegetables to thinly sliced meats are also placed on the table so diners can submerge them in broth to cook before eating.

The Weston restaurant remained open for the Chinese and sushi areas, but the company struggled to find enough employees to staff both locations.

The Wausau restaurant, 102 Jefferson St., will close Jan. 13.