CWS Sports Desk

January 3, 2019

Marshfield– The Wausau West Warriors trailed Marshfield 1-0 in the first period, but stormed back in the final two frames to claim a 4-2 win on Thursday night.

Justin Stanek scored Marshfield’s first goal, and the Tigers went up 2-0 after Adam Maki tallied another goal in the second period.

After that, it was all Wausau West.

The Warriors got three goals from Cade Lemmer and one from Marc Sippel to seal the deal.

Nick Hahner had 16 saves for Wausau West; AJ Trierweiler had 28 saves for Marshfield.


Scoring: 1st Period 5:36 M Stanek (Heller); 2nd Period 2:51 M Maki (Heller), 3:26 WW Lemmer (Sippel, Bailey), 16:55 Lemmer (Hahner); 3rd Period 5:28 WW Sippel (Cebula), 15:58 WW Lemmer (Techel, Cebula)