CWS Sports Desk

January 10, 2019

Wausau– The CWS Spotlight caught up with Sam Techel from Wausau West hockey.  Take a look at what makes Sam tick!

CWS: Now that we’re past the holidays and getting into the thick of the winter season, what are some positives for your team to this point and what are you hoping to accomplish moving forward?

Techel: I think as a team we’ve really grown over the past couple of weeks learning that we can skate with the top teams in the state. Moving forward we just need to keep playing to our level, hold each other accountable, and worry about us.

CWS: How are you able to manage your time as a student athlete?

Techel: It takes a lot of time management. At my house and at the rink it is stressed a lot that grades come first so if you don’t get good grades then there is no hockey.

CWS: What can you say about the support your team gets from parents/fans/the community?

Techel: The support we get from the fans, community, parents, etc. is unbelievable. We would not be where we are today without them, I can’t thank them enough.

CWS: What is your favorite subject in school?

Techel: My favorite subject in school would have to be engineering or woods. I like doing hands on activities and really enjoy the engineering and building aspect of things.

CWS: What is something that people don’t know about you or would be surprised to learn about you?

Techel: I often get my Fortnite skills mixed up with Ninja or Tfue. Most people don’t know my Fortnite skills.

CWS: Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter?

Techel: Snapchat.

CWS: What are your plans after high school?

Techel: I plan to play juniors, don’t quite know which league yet

CWS: Who is your favorite professional athlete?

Techel: Darren McCarty.

CWS: What’s the best thing about being a student-athlete at West?

Techel: The teachers are really involved with the sports, nice to talk to them about a game or something besides school work.

CWS: What words of wisdom can you give to younger student athletes?

Techel: Work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy it will it lasts!