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Reader letters: Trump makes light of American workers in shutdown

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Dear Editor,

Donald Trump demonstrated how we “relates” with the 800,000 federal employees who are either furloughed or working without pay – the same people he is forcing to seek their families’ meals at food pantries.

At the start of the celebratory shindig he threw for the national champion Clemson Tigers, he actually JOKED how the shutdown had forced him to personally pay for the fast food. Then he posed, with open arms and a huge grin on his plump-cheeked face, behind the tables heaped with stack upon stack of the fast food burgers and fries he was serving the team.

That’s real empathy there – making light of the AMERICAN WORKERS he is personally pushing down Starvation Road while posing behind a mountain of food that could feed dozens of those workers, and their families, until their next pay-less payday.

Jack Duffy

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