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Your letters: Pedestrians should take protective steps for visibility after dark

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Dear Editor,

Seems like the news is full of stories about pedestrians being hit or killed by vehicles—many after dark. As one who drives around Wausau a lot—many times in the evening—I’ve become extra conscious of pedestrians stepping off the curb or in cross walks at corners. They have the right of way, but they’re no match for my 2-3 ton vehicle, and – here’s the linchpin- I can’t see them.

Just about all of us wear blue jeans. Couple that with a dark coat and pedestrians are darned near invisible to drivers at night.

For stocking stuffers this Christmas, we gave out reflective arm bands. They’re 12 to 16 bucks on Amazon for a pack of 4-6, and can be removed and stuffed in your pocket during the day.

They might not be fashionable but they might save your life.

Jim Force

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