D.C. Everest vs. East curling results

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February 5, 2019

Wausau– the D.C. Everest boys varsity team defeated Wausau Eats 8-2, while East’s girls varsity team beat the Evergreens 10-4.

Results of the game are as follows.

Boys Varsity – DCE win 8-2

DCE Team – Skip: John Wilkerson; Third: Sam Wesenick; Second: Will Vraney; Lead: Kolby Piepenberg

Wausau East Team: Skip: Will Reiche; Third: Andy Geiger; Second: Evan Neigum; Lead: Ben Blum

Girls Varsity – East win 10-4 

DCE Team: Skip: Anna Peloquin; Third: Geena Zamzow; Second: Natalie Brown; Lead: Peyton Green

Wausau East Team: Skip: Megan Johnson; Third: Cinniedi Comfort; Second: Katie Martell; Lead: Ashia Walther