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This week’s Wow at the Woodson

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Feb. 14 Thursday 10:30 a.m. – Noon

People with memory loss and accompanying friends or family members gather for a Valentine’s Day social outing at the museum. Time shared in galleries featuring Vasarely artworks sparks one-on- one conversation between participants, followed by a hands-on art activity. Call 715-845-7010 to register.

Feb. 16 Saturday 1 – 3 p.m.
Family Workshop
Mixed-Media Op Art Wall Sculpture

Using geometric shapes and colors inspired by Victor Vasarely’s sculpture and public art, each family works together, designing and applying layers to create a low-relief wall sculpture. Fee: $5 per family. Call 715-845-7010 to register.

On view through Feb. 24
“Victor Vasarely: Op Art Master”
The world-renowned father of the op art movement, Victor Vasarely created three-dimensional experiences via two-dimensional artworks featuring bold colors and geometric shapes. With an “art for all” motto, Vasarely advocated for democratizing art by producing multiples and screen-prints and by integrating art into architecture and public spaces. His innovative use of optical illusions became popular in the 1960s and 70s, when op art permeated everyday life through design, advertisements and architecture. “Victor Vasarely: Op Art Master,” from the collection of Herakleidon Museum in Athens, Greece, and organized by PAN Art Connections, Inc., comprises more than 150 Vasarely serigraphs, lithographs, gouache paintings, and drawings. Vasarely’s explorations of visual perception and spatial relationships are a source of inspiration for those interested in art, computer programming, architecture, and more.

On view through Feb. 17
“Dynamic Designs: The Serigraphs of Anne Senechal Faust”

Anne Faust’s vibrant silk-screens affirm her mastery of this medium and a deep knowledge of and affinity for birds and their habitats. Named the museum’s “Birds in Art” Master Wildlife Artist in 1999, she was the first woman and the first printmaker to receive this recognition. Anne designated the Woodson Art Museum as the repository for her artistic oeuvre, representing a commitment by the artist to ensure the Museum’s collection includes each of her screen-prints.

On view through August 2019
“Regal Bearing: Bird Portraiture”
“Regal Bearing” applies the tenets of portraiture to more than 60 artworks from the museum’s collection. As with human portraits, the artists represented captured the essence of their subjects using a variety of formats, including a focus on single birds without backgrounds as well as the inclusion of habitat or attributes that help to characterize a species or place it in context.

“Sharing the Shoreline”
Discover the beauty of shorebirds — sanderlings, stilts, turnstones, whimbrels, yellowlegs and others — through sculptures and works on paper from the collection.
The museum is at 700 N. 12th St., Wausau.

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