Dear editor:

We only have a few more weeks until another election. Our spring general election is headlined by the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, but local elections also permeate statewide. For those of you in the village of Weston and D.C. Everest School District boundaries, I hope to earn your vote.

My name is Nate Fiene. I’ve been a Weston resident my entire life and have returned from earning my master’s degree to live in northcentral Wisconsin. This is my home and I care about the success of both Weston and D.C. Everest. 

If elected to the village board, I will be transparent and accountable. An Eagle Scout, my word is my bond. I will also be a responsible steward of tax dollars. I want Weston to grow, so property taxes can remain low, and I will wisely invest in opportunities to responsibly attract more businesses and people to Weston.

I think that those who have the power to give back should; that is why I desire to serve my alma mater. The district helped me to prepare for my collegiate career. I believe that my experience in the demands of higher education and the new economy can enhance the college prep initiatives the district offers. The district has done much for me; it is only right I give back.

I am very sensitive to the issue of mental health. As a resident assistant, I often helped students who were going through tough times with their personal struggles. We have ever-increasing numbers of younger and younger students being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and other mental disorders, and they deserve all the help they can get. I see no reason why every student can’t succeed if they are given the support they need.

Weston is my home. D.C. Everest gave me a fantastic education and I want Everest graduates to have the same quality of education I received. Please vote to pay it forward on Tuesday, April 2.

Nate Fiene of Weston

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