RHINELANDER — When 20-year-old Alyah Wayman escaped from her hotel room in Rhinelander on Tuesday night, police thought they were dealing with a hostage victim who had been held at gunpoint.

Less than 24 hours later, Wayman was arrested and taken to the Oneida County Jail after police discovered she fabricated. her entire story, according to a WJFW report.

Her story sent the Oneida County Special Response Team into action with body armor, helmets, and AR-15s to the Rodeway Inn hotel on the city’s west side. A team stormed the hotel room after Wayman told police she was held at gunpoint by 33-year-old Scott LaPlante.

Police believed they were dealing with a hostage situation, but no gun was ever located.

Wayman told police she smashed a liquor bottle over LaPlante’s head to escape the room, temporarily incapacitating him and allowing her to flee.

Police say there’s also no evidence Wyman was assaulted, as she claimed.

But when police arrived at the hotel, they believed LaPlante was armed inside the room.

“[He] just wasn’t responding to law enforcement’s commands or our attempts to make contact with him,” said Oneida Co. Sheriff’s Capt. Tyler Young, according to WJFW.

Police evacuated the hotel’s first floor, and a manager told Newswatch 12 employees were told to stay in a laundry room.

Around 9 p.m., deputies went into the guest room, Tasered LaPlante, shot him with pepper balls, and arrested him.

Police say both Wayman and LaPlante had been drinking, but didn’t know why Wayman made up the hostage story. The nature of their relationship is not yet clear.

The Sheriff’s Department is recommending misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer, and bail jumping against LaPlante. Rhinelander police want to see charges of obstruction, underage drinking and disorderly conduct filed against Waymann, who they say made up the entire assault and hostage story and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars connected to the police response.

Both suspects will likely be in court on Monday.