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UPDATE, 1:34 p.m. — The occupant of a building that collapsed Thursday was rescued by crews and is safe, according to scanner traffic.

The building, a greenhouse, collapsed just after 1 p.m. under heavy snow, rupturing gas lines and leaving one person trapped. An occupant inside the building, at 1296 Kowalski Road, called 911 summoning help.

Crews were able to free the occupant and safely shut off the gas.

An initial report stated the collapse was in Mosinee, but the building is located within Kronenwetter. See the initial report below.

MOSINEE — Emergency crews are responding to a report of a building collapse at a greenhouse near Mosinee.

Crews from at least three departments were called to the scene just after 1 p.m. after an occupant inside the building called 911. The person is trapped inside the building but is not injured, according to unconfirmed scanner traffic.

The building collapse is one of several reported statewide in recent days, in the wake of several storms that brought heavy snowfall to the area.