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Letter to the editor: City should do the right thing on Thomas Street

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Dear Editor:

I watched a local new channel this evening report on Thomas Street again. This time, it seems the City has hired a toxicologist who wrote a letter to City officials stating that the pollution along Thomas Street is likely to do no harm to the residents during construction.

Really? Based on what? This seems like nothing more than a political move to discredit Citizens for a Clean Wausau & Steven Lester’s conclusions, a highly regarded scientist who has been working with the group. The data is all there. The facts don’t lie.

There is a brownfield site to the west, incredibly close to the area the the city plans to tear up. A park to the north, with confirmed pollution, that will undergo further testing to see if its safe. Sewers tested in January by the city show pollution.

Why is the City refusing to do the proper testing down the corridor that they’re planning to dig up this spring? It is smack in the middle of this mess. They haven’t a clue of what they’re getting themselves – and residents of this community – into. They do not have not any emergency plans in place should they hit some groundwater contaminated with cancer-causing dioxins, exposing city residents to potential harm. No clue as to what’s in the dirt and dust that will be blown all over the City.

I’m appalled by the City’s refusal to do the right thing and thoroughly test the corridor for the safety of all involved, from residents to the workers who will be digging up the soil and performing the work.

The truth: The data is out there. The dangers are real. There isn’t anything anyone, any Toxicologist can say to smooth this over until proper through testing has been done and the results properly analyzed. This is nothing more than another coverup to justify the City’s shortcomings.

Lastly, I’m appalled that City officials seem to treat this as just another day at the office. They seem to want to plow through this project with no regard to the health and safety of the citizens – the people they are elected to serve.

Louis C Larson, Wausau

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