ROTHSCHILD, Wis. — A gyro and Chicago-style hot dog restaurant that operated for five years in Marshfield is launching a new operation in the Wausau area.

Papagalos: A Taste of Chicago, operated on N. Central Avenue in Marshfield before closing its doors in January. The restaurant owners announced the Marshfield closure on Dec. 31 in a Facebook post.

The new restaurant, at 1027 E. Grand Ave., is taking over the space formerly occupied by Lammar’s Smokeohouse BBQ.

A post on the Papagalos Facebook page states that the restaurant opened on March 8. Menus posted on Facebook show a range of options that go well beyond the traditional gyro and hot dog varieties and include burgers, sandwiches, salads and other items.

The new restaurant, which operated for years as a Hardee’s Restaurant, is directly in front of the Rothschild Shopko along Bus. Hwy. 51.