By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A downtown Wausau restaurant owes more than $92,000 in back rent with an eviction hearing set for April 30, according to Marathon County Circuit Court documents.

J. Gumbo’s, 316 N. Third St., opened in August 2015 and is leasing space from Heinemann Venture, LLC, of Stevens Point. Dejan Adzic, an attorney for the property owner, filed a small claims/eviction action April 5 against the restaurant, which is owned by John Jacobs and Keith Malwitz.

Court records show the restaurant is contesting the action.

Heinemann Venture is seeking the immediate eviction of J. Gumbo’s and is asking a judge to order a monetary judgment of $92,867.54, the amount Adzic states is owed in back rent. Of that amount, $67,394.73 is more than 90 days past due, according to court filings.

The amount of the judgment could climb higher, however, as Heinemann is also seeking future rent payments on the seven-year lease signed by J. Gumbo’s owners as well as court costs and attorney’s fees.

Representatives from J. Gumbo’s have commented publicly on Facebook that they plan to move their restaurant to a Weston location yet to be determined. Efforts to reach Jacobs and Malwitz for comment have so far been unsuccessful.

According to documents submitted to the city’s liquor license subcommittee, J. Gumbo’s is planning to close April 30, the same day the eviction hearing is being held. A damage hearing, where a judge will determine the total judgment against J. Gumbo’s, is set for May 7.

J. Gumbo’s corporate office in Kentucky is also named as a defendant in the court action.