WAUSAU — A missing dog later found dead was not killed by gunshots as initially suspected, according to the Humane Society of Marathon County.

Gunner, a 15-year-old female dog adopted out of the HSMC, went missing from her Aspen Grove home on Wausau’s east side and was found dead days later. Police initially suspected the three wounds they discovered on her back were the result of gunshots.

But the deputy who responded upon further investigation believes that Gunner’s injuries are the result of being attacked or taken by a predatory bird and are not consistent with gunshot wounds, as was initially suspected when her body was found. What looked like gunshot wounds from a 22-caliber weapon, upon further assessment, looks like wounds from talons, police said.

The Humane Society had published Gunner’s photo on Facebook earlier this week asking for information about what they then suspected was an attack by a human, but updated the post with new information on Thursday.