RHINELANDER —A Rhinelander mother who tried to hire someone to kill her husband will go to prison for two years, after she was sentenced Thursday in Oneida County Circuit Court.

Megan Danielczak, 28, was arrested in Feb. 2018 after she tried to pay a hit man to kill her husband.  The “hit man” was actually an undercover agent.

WJFW reports that Danielczak said she’d pay the hit man another $4,500 after her husband was dead.

Court documents, obtained by WJFW, show Danielczak said she’d get that money after selling her husband’s truck, getting his life insurance policy and tax return after his death. She would also sell a van she owned.

Danielczak was convicted Feb. 26 of solicitation of first-degree homicide.

During Thursday’s sentencing hearing, Danielczak’s husband, Nick, gave a tearful statement to the court.

“How does one begin to express their feelings about a situation so real and utterly heartbreaking to them?” he said, according to WJFW. “A situation you would never dream could happen to you in a million years. Thank you to all my family and friends for the support and being there for me.”

About 15 family members wrote letters to O’Melia in support of Danielczak’s character, but O’Melia viewed Danielczak as living a kind of double life.

“You weren’t sucked into anything… this has been going on for some time,” O’Melia said.

In addition to the two years in prison, Danielczak will be on six years of extended supervision upon her release.

Photo and reporting courtesy of WJFW