By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — Public Works Director Eric Lindman on Thursday issued a news release responding to multiple concerns regarding the Thomas Street project, insisting that crews and officials are acting appropriately while the plan moves toward completion.

Among the points Lindman addressed included accusations that asbestos was being improperly handled during removal and accusations of improper dust control. Those accusations, Lindman said, are unfounded.

Lindman also addressed potential contamination of the city’s drinking water, reassuring residents that the drinking water in the city is safe.

When crews hit groundwater on May 16, Wausau Pilot and Review published a story that included a video from the grassroots environmental group Citizens for a Clean Wausau that showed contradictory statements made by city and state officials about the possibility of hitting groundwater. But Lindman said those statements were taken out of context and only related to a different portion of the roadway.

“The City is aware that there is a lack of confidence in the information we provide,” Lindman wrote. “We will continue to work with other state and county entities and continue to meet regulatory requirements completing all aspects of our work.”

The full release is embedded below.ThomasStreet Update_May 2109