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Letters: Work together to end wars, eliminate threats to health and happiness

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Dear Editor,

I recently reached the age of ninety. I have lots of hope that people coming after me will be able to live happy and healthy lives.  But my hopes are under threat.

I pray that Americans will soon realize that climate change is real, that it will persist and will intensify unless we act quickly.  Climate change is the result of our worldwide use of coal, oil and gas.  Our government must  – without delay – adopt the standards set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.  We must again assume leadership in the the worldwide effort to replace fossil fuels with clean renewable energy if we are to avoid climate disaster.  We must switch to solar and wind power and leave behind our self destructive reliance on coal, oil and gas to meet our energy needs.  Of course there is much more to be done.

War making must end. The world needs to learn to solve international problems without resorting to violence. Isn’t it true that war only shows which “side” is stronger; not which side is morally right?  In combat our world has lost so many millions of innocent, precious lives and our valuable resources are senselessly wasted.  Our treasuries have been drained of money spent only to kill, how wonderful had those wasted dollars been used to improve peoples lives instead.

If working together we can send astronauts to the moon and bring them back home safely then we are certainly able to eliminate the making of war.  We have the capability, we only need the firm resolve.

James A. Lewis

Village of Maine

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