Be Your Own Biggest Fan apparel company and Vengaza, a triathlon and cycling apparel division of Wisconsin’s Borah Teamwear, have teamed up on a collaboration to empower women triathletes and cyclists with words, according to a news release.

The newly-released STRONG kit is an outfit worn in cycling and triathlon racing and training, features the word “strong” written backward on the front of the kit so when the person wearing the kit looks in the mirror, she can read it and be reminded of her strength.

The new STRONG kit from two Wausau-area women aims to inspire athletes during training. Photo courtesy of Gina Cornell

Gina Cornell, of Wausau, joined forces with Borah Teamwear to develop a line of triathlon clothing for women after she couldn’t find triathlon clothing that fit her properly. The Venganza collection was born in October of 2016 in Coon Valley, Wis., in the solar-powered Borah Teamwear factory, when Cornell and Borah Teamwear owner Chris Jackson met and decided that athletes needed a comfortable and stylish option that would be flattering on any body.

Venganza in Spanish means “revenge,” and Cornell said the word can signify “getting your revenge on a race, your own obstacles, self-doubt or even naysayers who tell you that you can’t do something.”

The Be Your Own Biggest Fan clothing line started during a low stage in Debbie Harris’s life, but she then began to work on getting healthier and take care of herself.  One day in while working out, she realized her sweaty tank left an imprint of a word written on her shirt. It was only then that she was able to read the word.

From that moment, she decided to work on a clothing line to empower the wearer.

Be Your Own Biggest Fan is a motivational clothing and apparel business who seeks to empower the individual with a unique design specifically for the wearer, Harris said.

“On a mission to spread the power of self-love, we are changing the world with words,” Harris said.

Cornell and Harris say Venganza and Be Your Own Biggest Fan have collaborated on a kit that not only will keep athletes comfortable in training and while racing, but will also be a reminder that “YOU are STRONG.” The STRONG kit will not only help to empower you, but also give some motivation to those around you, Cornell said.