By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A 57-year-old Athens man who sexually assaulted a mentally ill woman at a Schofield assisted living facility after visiting a family member there will spend three years in prison, after his sentencing this week in Marathon County Circuit Court.

John Niemann was sentenced Tuesday on charges of second degree sexual assault of a mentally ill victim. Circuit Judge Greg Strasser also ordered Niemann to spend four years on extended supervision following his release from prison and register as a sex offender for life.

Police were called in March 2018 to a Schofield assisted living facility to investigate after two employees reported they had discovered Niemann naked in bed along with a resident there late the night before. Niemann is not himself a resident of the facility but was visiting a family member with dementia when the alleged assault occurred.

The victim, whose age was not released, was declared incompetent in April 2017 and is unable to consent to having sex due to her diminished mental condition, according to court documents. The police report states that the woman was living at the facility for elderly assistance.

Niemann admitted being naked with the woman and told police he “made a bad decision,” but denied having sexual intercourse, according to the police report.

In March, Niemann entered a no contest plea to the single charge filed against him. On Tuesday, his $10,000 bond was revoked and he was immediately remanded to prison.