Dear editor,

I wanted to speak out and encourage people to support the June Pride Month resolution. While for some this can be a divisive issue, it doesn’t need to be. In reality, there is no downside to  it – no steep costs, no one loses anything, and it is an acknowledgement that Wausau is a place that welcomes diversity, that diversity makes us stronger, and this will make us even more attractive as a community to people who might consider moving here. Also, quite frankly – it is just the right thing to do.

Some of the arguments coming out of the earlier committee meeting show that there is a lack of education and understanding regarding the experiences of our LBGTQ+ citizens.  Comparing being a group that has been discriminated against, including the use of violence, to being left-handed was incredibly uninformed.

Some community members have asked, “But wait, where is my special month? Why don’t heterosexuals/married people, etc.  get a ‘month?’” For me, the answer is the same as when my son balked at Mother’s Day one year when he was little by saying, ‘Well then Mom, when is it KIDS day?’ And I said, ‘Kiddo, it is Kids Day the other 364 days a year. That is why we need a Mother’s Day.’

The same holds true for Pride Month. Until we don’t need a Pride Month anymore, until our LBGTQ+ community members are represented in public office, and have an equal voice and a safe and welcomed presence in our community,  it is important that we vote to have one.  And, I look forward to celebrating it with our whole, wonderful Wausau community.

Ingrid Clark Zavadoski

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