Police say the back window of a parked vehicle was destroyed Thursday when a resident shot off illegal fireworks in a Wausau neighborhood.

The Wausau Police Department posted a photo of the damage on the department’s Facebook page.

“This resident who was trying to legally enjoy their holiday evening fell victim when a someone in neighborhood shot off illegal fireworks and it struck her car destroying her window,” the post reads. “Remember if it leaves the ground or explodes it is illegal and you will be cited.”

The post generated more than 140 comments, many of which complained of fireworks going off in city neighborhood. One resident, however, called the post “fake news.”

Otherwise explain how it happened,” wrote Daniel Acker. “Was a rocket aimed at the car? The police love this time of year and infringing on our liberty – ironic but they earn a lot of money so it’s worth it to them.”

But the Department was quick to respond with a bit of humor.

It’s quite simple Dan,” the response reads. “With the rotations of our flat earth, it was quite easy for the aliens to lower down a bigfoot on a long rope and smash out this window.”

In reality, the post went on to explain, an aerial firework launched up and hit a tree before portions of the firework were directed back toward the ground and into the woman’s car.

Local police departments say they have a “zero-tolerance policy” when it comes to illegal fireworks, which can easily be purchased but require a permit to use.

Veterans with PTSD, animals, babies, and pets that become afraid and run are especially impacted by fireworks displays that are common in neighborhoods throughout the country amid Independence Day celebrations. Officials say that even sparklers and seemingly harmless fireworks can cause burns and soft tissue damage when used improperly.

Hospitals report that nearly two thirds of fireworks-related injuries are caused by backyard fireworks, including sparklers, firecrackers and bottle rockets. The bigger and more powerful the firework, the more severe and devastating the injury.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s latest Fireworks Injury Report, some 9,100 people in the United states were treated at emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries last year. Police and fire officials are urging residents to avoid illegal fireworks altogether – and if they want to see the big ones, to attend a public display.

Top image: Wausau Police Department Facebook photo