Amanda L. Osborne, 26, of Wausau. Charges filed July 30 include criminal damage to property and bail jumping.

By Shereen Siewert

WAUSAU — A 27-year-old pregnant Wausau woman convicted of child abuse in connection with her toddler’s skull fracture was sentenced last month, according to online court records.

Amanda Osborne, who was six months pregnant at the time of her January arrest, was sentenced June 20 as part of a plea deal in three separate cases. The most recent case, which involved the skull fracture, resulted in convictions for child abuse, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer. A charge of criminal damage to property was dismissed but read into the record at sentencing.

Circuit Judge Greg Strasser ordered Osborne to spend one year in jail followed by three years probation, part of a suspended sentence that could result in additional penalties if Osborne does not follow the rules of her probation.

Court documents show Osborne’s boyfriend called police Jan. 4 when an argument between the two escalated. According to the criminal complaint, police arrived at Osborne’s First Avenue residence and discovered the home in disarray and her young daughter bleeding from the nose. Police say the girl had a swollen face with cuts to the back of her head and under one eye, according to court filings. Doctors later diagnosed the girl with a skull fracture.

Osborne has a lengthy criminal history with convictions for escape, theft, battery, and an array of domestic abuse-related charges. She was convicted in December 2018 of criminal damage to property and of disorderly conduct as a domestic abuse repeater, court records show. In that case, she was given a withheld sentence and ordered to spend three years on probation. As a result of the most recent charges, the December plea deal was nullified; Strasser ordered Osborne to spend one year behind bars and one year on extended supervision in connection with the earlier case. The jail sentence will be served at the same time as Osborne’s sentence in the 2019 case.

As part of the plea agreement, Osborne will be required to undergo counseling, maintain absolute sobriety from drugs and alcohol. She must also maintain either full-time employment or full-time school, or complete nine hours of community service each week.

Osborne was also granted 158 days credit for time served while awaiting trial.

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