The Merrill Fire Department and American Red Cross have partnered to offer free smoke detector installation to residents of the towns of Merrill, Scott and Rock Falls and city of Merrill.

They will focus on at-risk populations, including elderly, people with disabilities, families with young children, low-income households and neighborhoods with historically high rates of fire responses.

If you are in this target audience and would like to have smoke detectors installed in your home, call the non-emergency number at the Merrill Fire Department, 715-535-2233, to schedule an appointment. The tentative dates for installation will be July 15, 19 and 23.

On the date of your appointment, MFD personnel will install up to three smoke detectors. After the detectors have been installed, there will be a short form completed by staff with the owner/occupants for documentation of the installation.

Additionally, Merrill firefighter/paramedics will complete a home safety inspection, answer any detector questions, and test all detectors in the home.