Dear editor,

Many people choose to live and raise their families in northcentral Wisconsin to avoid some of the crime and moral degradation so common in our larger cities.

However, our Marathon County Board of Supervisors recently chose to encourage “non-traditional” behavior by proclaiming every June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month.  Not all supervisors supported this, but a majority did.  Following is a list of those supervisors that supported the proclamation and indicated that we need to attract more people with this lifestyle to Marathon county.

Most of their arguments revolved around the idea that we need to show support for the LGBTQ lifestyle because those in it are an “oppressed minority”, like the Hmong have been an oppressed minority, and the “right thing to do” is to support them in that lifestyle.

But is it?

Until recently, most of our country and our society referenced the Word of God, the Bible, to guide us on what is right and wrong.  This moral code doesn’t change and has allowed us to be blessed with unprecedented prosperity, but that prosperity has also led to the arrogant attitude that we no longer need guidance and can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong.  Disposing of unwanted babies and other inconveniences are considered OK by some because we are now more “enlightened”, and so supporting a lifestyle that the Bible clearly defines as wrong, or more specifically “an abomination” in the Old Testament and “perverse” and “unnatural” in the New Testament, is just another example of recent contradictions to God’s direction.

Supporting “oppressed minorities” is not wrong.  Supporting the Hmong community and others is not wrong.  In fact God clearly directs us throughout the Bible to help those in need.  And those in need does include individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.  But promoting support for a lifestyle that is perverse, unnatural and an abomination to God is wrong.

That important distinction is what these supervisors either failed to realize or chose to ignore.  We don’t need a special month, gay pride parades, rainbow flags or transgender bathrooms to help people that are defying the moral standards that were provided by God to protect us all.  By pandering to that ideology we only fuel this group’s intense craving to justify their behavior.

Those supervisors that said this proclamation is no different than honoring veterans, other races, the elderly or most other oppressed minorities – are wrong.  This is very different, and it’s wrong.

Voted in favor of gay pride month:

  • Katie Rosenberg
  • Ashley Lange
  • Loren White
  • Jim Bove
  • Romey Wagner
  • Donna Krause
  • Alan Christensen
  • Kurt Gibbs
  • John Robinson
  • Alyson Leahy
  • Chris Voll
  • Tim Buttke
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Yee Leng Xiong
  • Jean Maszk
  • Gary Beastrom
  • Mary Ann Crosby
  • Sara Guild
  • John Durham
  • Al Opall

Mike Brust


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