Dear editor,

In response to Mike Brust’s attack on the LGBTQ community:

This country has never had its laws based on the Bible. If he wants laws based on the Bible he should move to the Middle East where they do such things! But if he does that he will most likely learn what it’s like to be LGBTQ as they will hunt him down like people such as him do us.

We are finally getting equal rights. Not more rights, mind you, but equal to the ones everyone else takes for granted every single day! Make Brust doesn’t have to worry our marriages won’t affect his fifth or even sixth marriage. This is first class hypocrisy of epic proportions. It’s high time you print both sides of the story and stop allowing shady people to try to push their Religious Ideology on everyone!

This country is based on Freedom of Religion, not forced Religion – meaning I worship as I please you worship as you do! I suggest he read his Bible sometime and realize it’s quite different than he thinks. Thank God the younger generations are seeing the hypocrisy of people like Mike. Every year the more younger people pass to the base of people that are more fair and decent.

I’m 55 and never dreamed I’d ever be able to marry my partner! Thankfully, today I can. That is something he takes for granted. If you really want to enforce the Bible, enforce it in your home. Its not to be forced on everyone! That is why we have the Constitution – to ensure all are treated fairly under the laws of this Great Nation! It doesn’t give him special right to discriminate. I hope this is clear!

Roger B Holzem, II


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